Project Based Learning Goldmine… Over 86 Amazing Videos To Generate That New Project For A School Or Classroom


Have you ever wanted to get some great ideas that could be the start of a new PBL or school program. You will enjoy look at these videos which represent some wonderful ideas. In other words… be sure to especially take note of the link that takes you to all of the Follett Challenge winners for the past five years. Before continuing, I would appreciate having you take a moment to subscribe to this Blog by RSS or email and follow me at (mjgormans). Taking that moment ensures that we can continue to network, something that is very important to me. Also, please share this post with others and even provide a re-tweet. Last, please check my Booking Page to see how I could be part of your school PD or Conference plans.  May you have a wonderful and rewarding 2020! – Mike Gorman (

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Project Based Learning Gold… Over 86 Amazing Videos To Generate That New Project For A School Or Classroom – Michael Gorman (

I have been honored to be selected as an annual judge for the Follett Challenge.  Over 130 schools and districts took the Follett Challenge last year and I have the unique opportunity to view and vote from the selection of finalist for the grand prize.   All winners including the 10 people’s choice winners and 9 semifinalist for the 2020 Follett Challenge will be announced on March 23, 2020.

Now let me tell you why you want to watch the videos that these students and teachers have created.

  • Perhaps you are a teacher or librarian that is looking for some amazing PBL ideas that you can replicate in your school.
  • You might be an educator looking for that special school project to involve students.
  • Or you are looking for something to inspire your own creative thoughts inspiring that next great lesson or project.

You will be amazed as you watch these wonderful video experiences. You will see that the Follett Challenge is a program that  rewards top-notch educators who are aligning their curriculum to teach 21st century learning skills.  That Goldmine is coming up under my favorite part heading in this article!

After viewing you may decide to check out the Follett Challenge website next year for your own school or district. The program dates for this year included an entry period starting in October with culmination in December. Learn more about contest information and submissions along with this year’s prize information starting with one grand prize and nine semifinalists earning a combined total of $150,000 in material. Add on another $50,000 for those “Peoples’ Choice Awards”.

The PBL Goldmine…. Now for my favorite part of the Follett Challenge Website.

I call it a wonderful goldmine of PBL ideas. In fact, I feel like a winner from just viewing some of the wonderful possibilities. Click here to view over 86 winners going back to 2013. You will find a video of each winner along with some of the most authentic PBL ideas collected anywhere. Take note that there categories include elementary, middle, and high school! Viewing these wonderful school and district project ideas will make you smile. Better yet, you might be ready to make it happen at your school next year!  Keep in mind that come March 23 there will be up to 19 more added! Wow… I am sure you will find a PBL idea!

Thank you for joining me as we both discover some amazing educational thoughts and ideas!  Please take a moment to share this post with other educators across the world.  Please accept my invitation to you,  which is the opportunity to be a part of another year of postings, by subscribing by email or RSS and follow me on Twitter (mjgormans). You will also find a treasure of resources covering 21st-century learning, STEM, PBL, and technology integration for the classroom.  Best wishes to you as you mine for PBL Gold!

Mike Gorman (

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