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ABC Block of Learning in the 21st Century

A = Authentic Learning

  1. Real World (True to the World)
  2. Purposeful… The …So what
  3. Relevant to the Here and Now
  4. Audience and Mentors
  • Kids can make a Difference – An educational program for middle- and high school students, focuses on the root causes of hunger and poverty, the people most affected, solutions, and how students can help.
  • You Tube – Search YouTube for relevant and engaging possibilities.
  • Online Newspapers – Look at the newspaper for curriculum connections… or search for those connections with Google News


B= Blended in Technology

1. Analog tools
2. Deeper Learning Opportunities
3. Provide Student Ownership of Learning
4. Digital Tools beyond the device


C= Centered on Student

1. Engagement (Activation)
2. Ownership (Self-Regulated)
3. Personalized (Student Voice)
4. Student Driven Culture


  • D = Developmental and Formative
  1. Metacognition (Thinking about Thinking)
  2. Emphasis on Process over Product  (Doing)
  3. Cycles of Formative Learning (Iterative Learning Process)
  4. Map for Learning
  • Students Reflect On a 21century Competency Rubric – Be sure to visit the BUCK Institute (BIE) and check out their rubrics. The link will take you there. Have students reflect on one portion of the rubric. It can be an exit ticket or a journal exercise.
  • GoFormative – •A tool to get real time feedback in a multitude of ways on any device. Very easy to use.
  • Habits of the Mind Institute – Take a moment to become familiar with these important “Habits of the Mind” that will encourage the important thinking and metacognition to support “genuine learning”.


E = Endless Inquiry

  1. The Investigative Question
  2. 2. Student Inquiry
  3. 3. Spiraling Questions and Answers
  4. 4. Skill Based
  • The Right Question Institute – Inquiry is the foundation for great thinking and metacognition. Here you will learn to not just answers, but also how to construct great questions which will lead your students to “genuine
  • Google Advanced Search – Stop sending your students to just the Basic Search… instead show them how to use the Google Advanced Search. I have an article to get you started.
  • Genius Hour – This site  might just help you get started in providing students the opportunity to learn how to learn while practicing self-regulation. Best of all, it supports that important voice and choice along with spiraling inquiry!  It really encourages that important Maker’s Culture.


F = Focused on  Connections

1. One or More Career and College Concepts
2. At least One Community Focus (school… local… world)
3. One or More Standards from Another Discipline(s)
4. Transdisciplinary (connections by question)

  • iEarn – Join interactive curriculum-based groups where students are creating, researching, sharing opinions and becoming global citizens.
  • Finland Research Article – Read how Finland is pushing to ditch single class subjects.
  • Roots and Shoots – Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots is the Jane Goodall Institute’s (JGI) global youth-led community action program, comprised of thousands of young people as they connect knowledge and service with the real world.


G = Grounded in Standards and Assessment

1. Curricular Content
2. 21st Century Skills
3. Formative and Summative Assessment
4. Intentional, Aligned, Varied, and Constant Assessment

  • OER Commons – A great place for open and free content aligned to the standards.
  • The Padagogy Wheel – A wonderful wheel full of great verbs for doing, aligned activities, and amazing tech apps. Best of all it aligns with SAMR and Blooms.
  • P21 – Become familiar with the amazing site that focuses on the 4C’s. You will find research, rubrics, and some wonderful ideas.


  • 21centuryedtech – Don’t miss my site for the very best in practical information as you continue your steps! You will find articles that bring all the A-G Blocks together.


A_G_Vetting Form 2017



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