About Michael Gorman


Michael Gorman, is a graduate of Western Michigan University, Indiana University, and Johns Hopkins University. He has partnered with ISTE and various educational, governmental, and business organizations and foundations. He oversees a one to one laptop programs and digital professional development for Southwest Allen County Schools near Fort Wayne, Indiana. He is also a consultant for Discovery Education, ISTE, My Big Campus, and November Learning. He is also on the National Faculty for BIE (BUCK Institute) and an Adviser for Tech & Learning Magazine.
Mike’s awards have included district Teacher of the Year and Indiana state Teacher of the Year semi-finalist. He has also been awarded Indiana STEM Educator of the Year, Advocate for Johns Hopkins University. and was recently awarded the honor of being one of Microsoft’s 365 Global Education Heroes.
Mike has presented at NECC and ISTE in Washington DC, Denver, CO, Philadelphia, PA, and San Diego, CA. Other presentations include Alan November’s “Building Learning Communities ” in Boston, the National Middle School Conference in Indianapolis, CELL’s Education Transformation Conference also in Indianapolis, the Illinois Computer Conferences in Chicago and St Charles, Illinois, the National STEM Institute in Washington DC, and NCA, CUE, MEC, ICE, and IMLEA in Indianapolis. He has participated in Project VISM at James Madison University and Project Lead The Way at the Rochester Institute of Technology.
His pursuit of 21st-century learning has included leading an Indiana ISTE state delegation on Capitol Hill in Washington DC, presenting at the Indiana State Rotunda Day for technology, and participation in efforts to initiate a PBL organization for middle schools in Indiana. He has also moderated and presented webinars through The BUCK Institute, ISTE, ICE, Indiana DOE, and Discovery Education. Mike also provides professional development across the country for PBL, STEM, and technology integration through the BUCK Institute, November Learning, and Discovery Education. He was recently included in the book “Who Owns The Learning” authored by Alan November.
Mike maintains his award-winning 21centuryedtech Blog and also posts articles at Tech and Learning Magazine and November Learning. He is a current vice-president for SIGOL (ISTE) and the communication chair for ICE in Indiana Most of all, Mike continues to advocate for teachers and students while concentrating efforts at transforming education and bringing 21st Century Skills to every classroom.

Workshops Include

Making Makers Mainstream … Connecting Curriculum Standards and the 4C’s

Project Based Learning for Your District/Classroom Quickstart

Beyond PBL, STEM, and STEAM … Dewey Meets Technology and Standards

Harnessing Technology to Support Standards and Provide Authentic Learning

Taking Students Deeper in Inquiry … Spiraling Questions and Answers

Basic Steps To Digital Transformation of A Lesson


Integrating Technology with PBL

Building A Digital Curriculum Workshop

Technology Integration Adventures On The Web

The ABC’s Of Deeper and Personalized Learning

Scratching The Surface of PBL

Blended Learning and Beyond

One Day PBL Workshop

Two Day PBL Workshop

One Day STEM Workshop

Two Day STEM Workshop

Digital Literacy, Citizenship, and Research Workshop

Presentations Include:

Computation Thinking Across the Curriculum: Students Thinking for Solutions

ABC’s of PBL… Building Blocks to Deeper Learning

PBL Quick Splash

PBL and Flipped Learning .. Solving The Question of Time

SAMR  and Beyond… Going Past The Shine

If You Have 40 Minutes… I Have 40 Great  Digital Tools

Welcome To The Future… Free and Inexpensive Resources With Rich Results

No Future Left Behind… Seven Step Approach To Educational Transformation

A Storybook Of Project Based Learning… Ten Chapters Of Technology Integration


Are There Really Whales In Lake Michigan? Evaluating Web Pages… An A-G Approach

The Googal In Google: Basic to Advanced In Full Speed, 3D, High Def Color!

The Process of PBL and 21 Century Education… It’s Not The Content, But It Does Make Content Happen

Inquiry and The Web… Searching and The Common Core

Building PLN’s for 21st Century Learning

Creativity and Student Centered learning

Who Owns The In-service?

Curating the Digital Curriculum to Put Students in the Middle

Schedule of presentations, keynotes, webinars, inservices, and consults that Mike has been and will be involved with  for 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010

2019 (Many of the below events represent 1 to 5 days events)

January – Fort Wayne STEM Administrative Session

January – Fort Wayne STEM Teacher Coaching (Multiple Days)

January – FETC Conference Orlando, Florida Top Five Workshops

January – FETC Conference Orlando Florida Featured Presentation

January – Region 8 Indiana Makers Workshops

February – Oak Ridge TN Blended Learning

February – Oak Ridge TN Educator Coaching

February – Fort Wayne STEM Teacher Coaching (Multiple Days)

February –  Indiana Making Thinking Visible

March – Wilkes University PBL

March – Fort Wayne STEM Teacher Coaching (Multiple Days)

March – Hawks Nest NC PBL Coaching

March – Napa, CA PBL Summit

April – Fort Wayne STEM Teacher Coaching (Multiple Days)

April – Wilkes University PBL

May – Fort Wayne STEM Teacher Coaching (Multiple Days)

May – Region 8 Indiana Makers Planning

May – Warsaw Schools STEM Planning

June – Strongsville, OH PBL Workshop

June – STEM  Union County North Carolina

June – PBL Masters Certification Class – Wilkes University Pennsylvania

July – Hawks Nest NC PBL Coaching

July – BLC19 in Boston, MA

July – STEM, Makers, PBL Workshop in Warsaw, IN

July – PBL Masters Certification Class – Wilkes University Pennsylvania

August – Fort Wayne STEM Teacher Coaching (Multiple Days)

August – Fort Wayne STEM Teacher PD

August – Union County North Carolina Administrative PD

August – Classroom Transformation and PBL – Oklahoma City

September – Region 8 Indiana Makers Planning

September – Fort Wayne STEM Teacher Coaching (Multiple Days)

September – Fort Wayne STEM Teacher PD

October –  Region 8 Indiana Makers Planning

October – Fort Wayne STEM Teacher Coaching (Multiple Days)

October – Fort Wayne STEM Teacher PD

October – Denver, CO – PBL Summit

October – Oklahoma City Transforming Education and PBL Workshop

October – Oak Ridge, TN -STEM Consulting and Coaching

October – Melbourne FL – The What and Why of PBL

October – Fort Wayne STEM Administrative PD

October – DeKalb County, IN Making Makers Mainstream

November – Hawks Nest NC PBL

November – DeKalb County, IN Making Makers Mainstream

December – Region 8 Makerspace

December – Fort Wayne STEM Teacher Coaching (Multiple Days)

December – Fort Wayne STEM Teacher PD

December – Middle School Maker Space Panning Region 8

2018 (Many of the below events represent 1 to 5 days events)

January – STEM coaching in Maury County Public Schools Tennessee

January – PBL coaching Gaston County North Carolina

January – FETC workshops and featured PBL session

January – Makers and Computational Thinking – Fort Wayne, IN

February – STEM Cioaching in Maury County Public Schools Tennessee

February – Web Literacy PD in Morristown NJ

February – PBL Workshop in  Miami FL

February – STEM and PBL in Oakridge, TN

February – Makers and Computational Thinking – Fort Wayne, IN

March – Judging for Follett Competition

March – STEM Coaching in Maury County Public Schools Tennessee

March – PBL Workshop in Gaston NC

March – Makers and Computational Thinking – Fort Wayne, IN

April – STEM Coaching in Maury County Public Schools Tennessee

April – Makers and Computational Thinking – Fort Wayne, IN

April – PBL Summit – SanFranscisco, CA

May – STEM Coaching – Maury County Public Schools Tennessee

May – PBL Workshop – Noble County Indiana

June – PBL Worshop – Koskiusko County Indiana

June – STEM and PBL Workshop – Oakridge TN

June – Ignite My Furture Keynote – NY NY

July – Workshops and Sessions and BLC18 – Boston, MA

August – PBL, STEM, and Technology Integration Workshops – South Carolina

September – Oak Ride TN Blended Learning Workshop

September – Oak Ridge Teacher Coaching

October – Fort Wayne STEM Administrative Session

October – Fort Wayne STEM Teacher Coaching (Multiple Days)

October – Fort Wayne STEM Administrative Coaching (Multiple Days)

October – Fort Wayne STEM Teacher Workshop

October – Region 8 Indiana Makers Planning

October – PBL Summit Detroit

November – Fort Wayne STEM Teacher Coaching (Multiple Days)

November – Fort Wayne STEM Teacher Workshop

November – PBL Support Hawks Nest, NC

November – Wilkes University PBL

December – Makerspace Workshops Region 8 Indiana

December- Fort Wayne STEM Teacher Coaching (Multiple Days)

December – Wilkes University PBL

2017 (Many of the below events represent 1 to 5 days events)

January – Digital Innovation Teacher PD Maury County Schools – Columbia, TN

January – PBL Workshop, Edtech Integration  Workshop, STEM/STEAM Makers – FETC

January – Administrative Support – Columbia, TN

January – Multiple Days coaching  Teacher/Adm for Maury County Schools, Columbia, TN

January – Two day Maker Workshop – Region 8 – Indiana

February – 2 Day PBL Workshop – Avon Public Schools – Avon, IN

February – Schwab Foundation Consultation – Fort Wayne, IN

February –  Multiple Day STEM/PBL Coaching for Ed/Adm – Maury County Public Schools

February – Two Day Maker Workshop – Region 8 – Indiana

February –  Digital Innovation Teacher PD Maury County Schools – Columbia, TN

February – 3 Day PBL and STEM Support – Oak Ridge, TN

March – PBL Graduate Level Class – Wilkes University – Wilkes, PA

March – Multiple Days of  Coaching Adm/Ed Maury County, TN

March -BIE Summit – Napa, CA

March – ASCD – Press- Anaheim, CA (Tentative)

April – PBL Graduate Level Class – Wilkes University – Wilkes, PA

April – Multiple Days of  Coaching Adm/Ed Maury County, TN

April – Digital Innovation Teacher PD Maury County Schools – Columbia, TN

May – Tech and Learning Conference – Chicago, IL

May – Two Day Makers Workshop – Region 8 – Indiana

May – PBL Training – Pinellas County, FL

June – PBL Training – Pinellas County, FL

June – Digital Innovation Workshops – Oak Ridge, TN

June – PBL World in Napa, CA

June – PBL Training in Watertown, MA

July – PBL Masters Course Wilkes Universtity

July – Building Learning Communities (workshops/presentation) – Boston, MA

August – Mentor Public Schools Tech PD – Mentor, OH

August – Keynote and PBL – Gaston County School, North Carloina

August – PBL Training in Albany, NY

August – PBL Masters Course Wilkes University

August – Technology Integration in Delbarton School – Morristown, NJ

September – STEM Coaching, PD, and Consulting in Oakridge, TN

September – STEM Keynote for Administration – Maury County School, TN

September – STEAM Teacher Coaching in Maury County, TN

September – PBL Training – Great Falls, MT

September – PBL Coaching for Pinellas County, FL

October – Coaching for STEM in Maury County, TN

October – PD on 4C’s in Manila, Phillipines

October – PBL Summit in Colorado

October – STEM Coaching in Oakridge, TN

October – STEM Administrative Coaching in Maury County, TN

October – STEAM Teacher Coaching in Maury County, TN

November- STEM Administrative Coaching in Maury County, TN

November – STEM Teacher Coaching in Maury County, TN

November – PBL PD in Gaston County, NC

December – STEAM Teacher Administrative Coaching in Maury County, TN

December – STEAM Teacher Coaching in Maury County, TN


January – PBL, DI, and Reluctant Readers, Nashville TN

January – FETC, STEM, STEAM, and Making, Orlando, FL

January – 3D Printing Focus Group, Orlando, FL

January – PBL Curriculum Overview, Wilkes U, PA

January – Makers, IN

January – PBL and STEM, Oak Ridge, TN

February – 1 to 1 Consulting and PD Support, PA

February  – National Judge for Follett Library Challenge

February – PBL and STEM, Hershey, PA

February – Gates Conference, Indiana

February – PBL Support, Loudoun Co, VA

March – PBL Support, Loudoun Co, VA

March – PBL Summit, CA

March – PBL, Wilkes, PA

March – 1 to 1 Tech, Kingsport, TN

March – STEM and PBL, Oak Ridge, TN

March – PBL, Wilkes, PA

April – ASCD, Atlanta, GA

April – PBL Institute, Nashville, TN

April – STEM Webinar, Classroom 2.0

May – Tech and Learning, Chicago, IL

May – STEM and PBL, Oak Ridge, TN

May -PBL Support, Sandwich, MA

June – STEM and PBL – Gwinnett, GA

June – STEM and PBL – Oak Ridge, TN

June – ISTE, Denver, CO

June – PBS, Denver, CO

July – BLC. Boston, MA

July – One Day PBL Splash for Ed Leaders, Boston, MA

July – PBL 101, Sandwich, MA

August – PBL NY Workshops and Sessions in Syracuse, NY (3 day)

August – Technology Integration, Mentor, OH

August – Technology Integration, Auburn, AL

August – STEMbl – Oak Ridge, TN

September – 1 to 1, Kingsport, TN (Tentative)

September STEMbl – Oak Ridge, TN

September – PrBL -Maury County, TN

September – Makers, Fort Wayne, IN

October – PBL Summit, Estes Park, Co

October – STEMbl – Oak Ridge, TN

October – ICE – Indianapolis, IN (Tentative)

October – PrBL -Maury County, TN

October – Technology Integration and Keynote, Frederick County, MD

October – Makers -Fort Wayne, IN

November- Pre-service Educator Tech, Manchester, IN

November – STEMbl – Oak Ridge, TN

November – Makers – Fort Wayne, IN

December – Makers – Fort Wayne, IN


January – FETC – Orlando, FL

January – Makers – Fort Wayne, IN

January – PrBL – Maury, TN

February – PrBL – Maury, TN

February- Makers – Fort Wayne, IN

March – PrBL – Maury, TN

March – ASCD – Anaheim, CA

March – Makers – Fort Wayne, IN


January – Technology 1 to 1 (5 day) – CT

January – Tech and PBL Elementary 3 Day Training  Round Rock, TX

January – Tech and PBL Secondary 3 Day Training  Round Rock, TX

January – Digital Curriculum Workshop in Milford, CT

January – Online Coaches Workshop – Nationwide

February – STEM and PBL – TN

February – Online Coaches Workshop – Nationwide

February – Technology 1 to 1 (4 day) – CT

February  – National Judge for Follett Library Challenge

February – PBL Webinar Online – PBS Learning Media

March – Technology 1 to 1 (4 day) – CT

March – Online Coaches Workshop – Nationwide

March – STEM Workshop San Francisco, CA

March – PBL and the Flipped Classroom (2 day) – Detroit, MI

March – Technology 1 to 1 (2 day) – CT

April – Technology 1 to 1 (2 day) – CT

April – PBL Summit (2 day) – New Orleans, LA

April – Technology 1 to 1 (4 day) – CT

April – PBL Institute (3 day) – in Atlanta, GA

May – Technology 1 to 1 (1 day) – CT

May – Technology 1 to 1 (4 day) – CT

May – PBL and STEAM ( 3 day) Cobb County GA

June – Technology 1 to 1 (5 day) – CT

June – STEM and PBL – ((2 day)) TN

June – WISE Conference – IN

June – STEM and PBL – (2 day) TN

June – Iowa Technology TICL Keynote and Workshops (3 day)

June – STEM and PBL – (2 day) Oak Ridge TN

June – PBS Innovators Conference, PA

June – ISTE in Philadelphia, PA (4 day)

July – PBS Presentation at ISTE

July – OLN Presentation at ISTE

July – Makers Space Meeting in Fort Wayne, IN

July – BLC 15 in Boston, MA (6 day)

July – PBL Sandwich, MA (3 day)

August – PBL NY Workshops and Sessions in Syracuse, NY (3 day)

August – PBL Workshop (3 Days) – Washington DC

August – PBL and STEM  (2days) – TN

August – Technology – Indiana

August – 1 to 1 – Greenwich, CT

September – Digital Learning – Milford CT

September – Ed Consulting – Fort Wayne, IN

September – STEM and PBL (2days) – TN

September – STEM PBL Adm and Coaching – Oak Ridge, TN

October – PBL INstitute (2 days) – TBD

October – Ed Transformation – Lousiana

October – STEM and PBL (2days) – TN

October – Ed Consulting – Fort Wayne, IN

October – PBL Institute (2 days) – CO

November – Ed Consulting – Fort Wayne, IN

November – STEM and PBL TN

December – Learning Forward (Formerly the National Staff Development Council) in Washington DC (2 Day)

December – Ed Consulting – Fort Wayne, IN

December – (3 Days) PBL and STEM – Oak Ridge, TN


January – Webinar Keynote – Albuquerque, New Mexico

January – Host ISTE SIGOL Online Learning Award Webinar, Eugene, OR

January – Web 2.0 Policies – Columbia City, IN

January – Digital Curriculum – Huntington IN

January – One to One and E-curriculum – Anderson, IN

January – Workshop and Presentations at FETC in Orlando, FL

February – Elementary PBL at SACS in Fort Wayne, IN

February – Host Innovation Webinar with PBS, Washington DC

February – District In-service at SACS in Fort Wayne, IN

February – Digital Curriculum – Huntington, IN

February – Nation Judge for PBS Learning Media

February – National Judge for Siemens STEM Institute

February – Disruptive Forces In Education for Goldman Saxe

February  – National Judge for Follett Library Challenge

March – Innovation Live Event – PBS

March – eLearning – Ball State, Muncie, IN

March – PBL Training in Nashville, TN

March – PBL Training, Palm Springs, CA

March – PBL Webinar Microsoft

April – PBL Summit in Chicago, IL

April – PBL Training in Hamilton, OH

April – PBL Training – Tucson, AZ

April – PBL Training – OH

May -Keynote at Educational Initiatives and Transformation Keynote at Bowling Green University, OH

May – Representing BIE at STEM Conference in New Orleans

May – PBL Taining in Roswell, GA

June – PBL Training in Hamilton, OH

June – Keynote in Marietta, GA

June – Iowa Tech Conference Keynote and Workshops

June – PBS Innovator Summit in Washington DC

June – PBL World in Napa, CA

June – ISTE in Atlanta, GA

July – BLC in Boston, MA

July – PBL Training in Sandwich, MA

July – PBL Training in Fairfax, VA

August – National STEM Institute – Washington DC

August – PBL Training in Yorktown, VA

August – PBL Training in Eugene, OR

September – PBS Learning Media Webinar on Digital Classrooms

September – SACS Elearning Day in IN

October – PBL Summit, Estes Park, CO

October – ISTE OLN Webinar – Online Snow Day Make Up

October – PBL Support – Eugene, OR

October – PBS Learning Media Webinar on 1 to 1

November – Technology 1 to 1 (5 day) – CT

November – ISTE Virtual Fall Conference – Online PBL

November – PBL Support 3 Day – Columbia, SC

November – PBL and Tech Integration 2 Day – Nashville, TN

December – Technology 1 to 1 (5 day) – CT

December – ISTE OLN Webinar – Blended Learning


January 8, 2013 – Webinar for Discovery Education and Plymouth Rock Ins. on Creativity – New Jersey

January – FETC (Florida Education and Technology Conference – Orlando, Florida

January – PBL Training (Henry Ford Institute) Detroit, Chicago, San Antonio, Dearborn

January – 3 Day PBL Training at Nashville Public Schools – Nashville, TN

February – 2 Day PBL and Technology Integration at Huntington Public Schools – Huntington, IN

February 12, 2013 – Webinar for Discovery Education and Plymouth Rock Ins. on PLN – New Jersey

February 15, 2013 – 1 Day In-service Southwest Allen County Schools – Fort Wayne, IN

February 2013 – 2 Day Educational Consulting Zimmer Institute – Ashville, NC

February 27, 2013 – Webinar for BUCK Institute (BIE) STEM and PBL– California

February 2013 – 2 Day PBL Training/Consult (Henry Ford Institute) Detroit, Chicago, San Antonio, Dearborn

February 2013 – National Judge for Follett Library Challenge

March 2013 – 2 Day PBL Training (Henry Ford Institute) Detroit, Chicago, San Antonio, Dearborn

March 12, 2013 – Webinar for Discovery Education and Plymouth Rock Ins. on Curation – New Jersey

March 2013 – 3 Day PBL Training at Nashville Public Schools – Nashville, TN

March 2013 – National Judge for ISTE Online Learning Award with SIGOL

April 2013 – 3 Day STEM Institute – San Francisco, CA

April 09, 2013 – Webinar for Discovery Education and Plymouth Rock Ins. on Creativity – New Jersey

April 24, 2013 – Webinar for BUCK Institute (BIE) STEM/PBL Middle School with DC Public– California

April 2013 – STEM Workshop and Training – Potomac, MD

April 30, 2013 – Webinar on STEM and PBL with McGraw Hill

May, 2013 –  2 Day Tech Forum – Chicago, IL (Flipping The Classroom Panel and Curating The Digital Curriculum)

May 14, 2013 – Webinar for Discovery Education and Plymouth Rock Ins. on Best Of – New Jersey

May 2013 – 3 Day PBL and Stem – Alabama DOE and University of Alabama

May 2013 – 3 Day PBL and STEM Training in Pasadena, CA

June, 2013 – PBL World (5 day) – Napa, CA

June 2013 – 3 Day Curating The Digital Curriculum NE Indiana

June 2013 – ISTE (5 day) – San Antonio, TX

July 2013 – Indiana Regional Conferences

July 2013 – Evansville Technology Conference

July 2013 – Webinar for Indiana DOE… Building a DigitalCurriculum

July 2013 – Alan November’s Building Learning Communities (5 day) – Boston, MA

July 2013 – 3 Day PBL Training at the Cape in Sandwich, Massachuttes

August 2013 – National STEM Institute (5 day) – Washington D.C

August 2013 – PBL Webinar Series for NE Indiana

August 2013 – Curating the Digital Curriculum Fort Wayne, IN

August 2013 – Digital Curriculum Workshops, Illinois

August 2013 – 3 Day PBL  and STEM Workshop, Bridgeport, CT

October 2013 – ICE in Indiana

October 2013 – PBL 1 Day Workshop, New Jersey

October 2013 – PBL Summit in Nashville, TN

October 2013 – 3 Day PBL and STEM in Tuscon, AZ

October 2013 – PBL 1 Day Workshop in Scottsburg, IN

November 2013, PBL 1 Day Workshop in Bridgeport, CT

November 2013 – PBL Training, Palm Springs, CA


January 25, 2012 – EdTech Leaders Online Webinar PBL/Technology

January 28, 2012 – NICE Convention – Chicago, IL

February 13 2012 – MCB Campus Webinar Series – Flipping Classroom Part 1

February 15 2012 – MCB Campus Webinar Series – Flipping Classroom Part 2

February 17, 2012 – SACS In-service – Fort Wayne, IN

February 25, 2012 – Board Retreat – Fort Wayne

March 03, 2011 – Education Best Practices Showcase – Fort Wayne, IN

March 9-10, 2012 – ICE Retreat – Indianapolis, IN

March 23-25, 2012 – Follett New Leaf Conference – Chicago, IL

March 29-31, 2012 – PBL Training – Grand Rapids, MI

April 11 – 12, 2012 – PBL Academy – New Orleans, LA

May 04, 2012 – Tech & Learning Forum – Chicago, IL

June 05-07, 2012 – PBL Training – Nashville, TN

June 12 -14, 2012 – PBL Training R8 NE Indiana

June 18-22, 2012 – PBL World Conference – Napa, CA

June 23-27, 2012 – ISTE Conference – San Diego, CA

June 28-29, 2012 – MBC – San Diego, CA

July 15-20, 2012 – BLC12 Conference – Boston, MA

July 27, 2012 – Indiana Middle Level Educator Conference Keynote

July 29- August 03, 2012 – National STEM Institute – Washington D.C

August 7, 2012 – PBL and Web 2.0 Training – Decatur, IN

August 20 – 22, 2012 – PBL Training (Henry Ford Institute) – Detroit, MI

September 17, 2012 – Northern Iowa Technology and Learning Conference

October 1 – 3, 2012 – STEM and PBL Consulting with Washington DC Public Schools – Washington DC

October 8 – 10, 2012 – PBL Training for Nashville Public Schools – Nashville, TN

October 9, 2012 – Webinar for Discovery Education and Plymouth Rock Insurance on PLNs – New Jersey

November 5 -6, 2012 – Coaching on Technology Integration and PBL at Belmont Schools – Decatur, IN

November 12-14, 2012 – PBL Institute – Albuquerque, NM

December 6, 2012 – Inquiry & Web In-service Manchester Schools & University – North Manchester, IN

December 11, 2012 – Webinar for Discovery Education and Plymouth Rock Ins. on Curation – New Jersey


January 11, 2011 Indiana DOE/ICE Webinar Series Moderator (Google Apps) – Indianapolis, IN

January 15, 2011 Future City Facilitation Regional Competition – Fort Wayne, IN

January 18, 2011 Indiana DOE/ICE Webinar Series Moderator (Google Apps) – Indianapolis, IN

January 22, 2011 – Science Virtual Conference – Fort Wayne, IN

January 25, 2011 Indiana DOE/ICE Webinar Series Moderator (Google Apps) – Indianapolis, IN

January 29, 2011 NICE Conference Presentations – Chicago, IL

February 05, 2011 – Education Best Practices Showcase – Fort Wayne, IN

February 08-10, 2011 – PBL Training – Syracuse, NY

February 15, 2011 – Indianapolis Chapter United States Air Force Assoc Dinner – Carmel, IN

March 14-16, 2011 – MEC Conference Presentations – Tempe, AZ

March 17-19, 2011 – CUE Conference Presentations – Palm Springs, CA

March 24 -25, 2011 – BIE Institute – Austin, TX

April 01, 2011 – Future Educators Keynote – Indianapolis, IN

April 18, 2010 – Discovery Ed Guru Webinar (Scratch) – Fort Wayne, IN – Silver Springs, MD

April 20, 2011 – ISTE Webinar Presentation – Eugene, OR and Fort Wayne, IN

May 6, 2011 – Facilitation at Tech & Learnings Tech Conference – Chicago, IL

May 17 – 19, 2011 – Project Based Learning Facilitation – Nashville, Tennessee

May 18, 2011 – ISTE Webinar Presentation – Eugene, OR and Nashville, TN

June 25-29, 2011 – ISTE Conference Presentations – Philadelphia, PA

June 29, 2011 – Round Table Facilitation at On-Line Conference – Philadelphia, PA

July 6 – 8, 2011 – Project Based Learning Facilitation – Fort Wayne, IN

July 11 – 13, 2011 – Project Based Learning Facilitation – Fort Wayne, IN

July 18- 21, 2011 Technology Integration Facilitation, Wabash, IN

July 24-29, 2011 – BLC 2011 Facilitation/Presentation – Boston, MA

July 31 – August 5, 2011 – National STEM Institute– Washington DC

August 8-10, 2011 – Project Based Learning Facilitation – Fort Wayne, IN

September 20-22, 2011 Project Based Learning Facilitation – Fort Wayne, IN

September 27-29, 2011 Project Based Learning Facilitation – Fort Wayne, IN

October 05,2011 – STEM and PBL Webinar – BUCK (BIE) Institute

October 10, 2011 – STEM Workshop – Washington Depot, CT

October 12-14, 2011 – ICE Conference Presentation – Indianapolis, IN

October 21-22 2011 – PBL Workshop and Conference – San Diego, CA

November 14, 2011 – IMSPBLN Keynote and Presentation – Indianapolis, IN

November 14-15, 2011 – CELL Conference Presentation – Indianapolis, IN


January 26, 2010 NICE – Chicago, IL

February 27, 2010 ICE – St Charles, IL

February 12, 2010 Wichita Collegiate In-service, Wichita, KS

March 4, 2010 – Seedlings Podcast, ME

May 12, 2010 ISTE Webinar – Eugene, OR

June 26 – 30 ISTE Presentation – Denver, CO

July 12 – 16 – Alan Novenber BLC Presentation and Facilitation – Boston MA

August 02-06, 2010 – National STEM Institute Facilitator – Silver Springs, MD

August 10 – Webinar Presentation – Paducah, ID

August 12, 2010 – DeKalb Eastern Beginning Of The Year Tech Keynote – Butler, IN

September 2, 2010 – Fort Wayne Chapter US Air Force Lunch Keynote – Fort Wayne, IN

September 15, 2010 – NE Indiana TOPS PBL Initiative Presentation – Columbia City, IN

October 04, 2010 – NCA Conference Presentation – Indianapolis, IN

October 04, 2010 – IMSLA Conference – Franklin, IN

October 13, 2010 – Schwab Foundation Presentation – Fort Wayne, IN

October 14 – 15, 2010 – ICE Conference Presentation – Indianapolis, IN

October 20, 2010 – ENA Road Show Presentation – Kendallville, IN

October 28, 2010 – Columbus Keynote and Inservice – Columbus, IN

November 10, 2010 – Futile Resistance Conference Webinar Presentation – Dallas, TX

November 16, 2010 – IMSPBLN Keynote and Presentation – Indianapolis, IN

November 18, 2010 – Cardinal Ritter Keynote Presentation – Indianapolis, IN

November 20, 2010 – Indiana Air Force Association Lunch Keynote – Indianapolis, IN

November 30, 2010 – Siemens Discovery Webinar – Fort Wayne, IN, Chicago, IL, Los Angeles, CA

December 06-07, 2010 – CELL Conference Presentation – Indianapolis, IN

Presentations Include:

Welcome To The Future… Free and Inexpensive Resources With Rich Results

No Future Left Behind… Seven Step Approach To Educational Transformation

Digital Natives and Digital Natives…. Converge, Learn, Create

A Storybook Of Project Based Learning… Ten Chapters Of Technology Integration

Scratch… Transform… Remix…Innovate STEM and PBL


Are There Really Whales In Lake Michigan? Evaluating Web Pages… An A-G Approach

The Googal In Google: Basic to Advanced In Full Speed, 3D, High Def Color!

The Process of PBL and 21 Century Education… It’s Not The Content, But It Does Make Content Happen

Inquiry and The Web… Searching and The Common Core

Building PLN’s for 21st Century Learning

Creativity and Student Centered learning

Who Owns The In-service?

Curating the Digital Curriculum to Put Students in the Middle


109 responses to “About Michael Gorman

  1. Michael,

    I saw your presentation at the NMSA conference yesterday. Really inspiring. I came away with a lot of resources, a lot of great ideas, and a lot of questions.

    Thanks for your presentation.

    Marc Callan
    Art Teacher
    Franklin Community School Corporation

    • mjgormans

      Thanks so much for the positive comment. I am really glad that I was able to answer question but also cause you to ask some. Please let me know if I can assist you with any knowledge I may have or maybe just a needed word of encouragement as you work toward meeting the needs of kids, I wish you the very best – Mike

  2. Michael, great curation of resources here and on the wiki… thank you!

    Now, my question… what’s your Twitter handle?

    Shelley, aka @butwait

    • mjgormans


      Thanks so much for the kind words. If you ever see resources to include please send an email my way at mgorman@sacs.k12.in.us
      I have been slow working on my twitter, but am finally coming along. I do send out some tweets at “mjgormans”
      Again thanks and keep networking!

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    Email: DonnaG6113@AOL.com

  4. mjgormans


    I looked over your site and was really impressed. Not only do I think the videos are valuable, but the process that it allows the students to take part in is what sets your site apart! I have shared with a few teachers and have already had to make some arrangments to put together some digital video to send your way. I will be writing a review on “Meet Me At The Corner” in the very near future! Keep up the great work. – Mike

  5. Michael –
    A school district in Oregon contacted me recently to ask for help in formulating interview questions for hiring a Director of Technology. I posted my response on my blog (link below) but I would love to gather advice from others. Could you add questions that you would ask?



  6. I also added this reply to your blog!

    First you have an awesome set of questions already. Some I may include are below. It sound like you have really thought things out! I think the number one quality that a district needs to look for is one who is ready to serve and truly facilitate others! Thanks for the communication and keep up the blog! – Mike

    1. How do you evaluate the success in the programs that you oversee?

    2. How do you answer a teacher’s concern that states “I have no time for technology because I have to much curriculum to follow?”?

    3. What is the role of technology in a 21st century school program?

    4. How do you differentiate the idea of technology and curriculum?

    5. What steps do you take to insure that technology serves the student

    6. How do you decide on technology purchases for a building?

    7. In what areas should you be involved in professional development and how can you use technology to sustain teacher growth?

  7. Rebekah Elder

    Hey, Mike.

    Just wanted to congratulate you on your recent awards. The “TOP 50 Education Innovator Award” will come as no surprise to your followers here on the web. You’re amazing.

    I also wanted to congratulate you on being selected as Woodside Middle School’s 2010 Teacher of the Year. I know you humble yourself and call all teachers the “teachers of the year,” but this is definitely one award that you deserve on a daily basis. Thank you for doing what is best for kids while bringing everyone else along on the quest to reach students in the 21st Century. You are a “teacher of the decade” to the young and well-seasoned educators; I am SO proud to know you and call you a friend.


    • Rebekah,

      There is so much good that comes from being surrounded by awesome people. I am a big believer in the Wisdom of Crowds. It is just so awesome to have people like you as part of not just my building PLN, but the one I enjoy on-line. Thanks for being one of those people and keep doing what you do best and that is serving people! I will cherish your reply, thanks for the renewed strength! – Mike

  8. Dear Michael

    EDSITEment staff are very pleased to read your posting about our resources. I want you to know that yesterday the American Association of School Librarians gave us an award at the ALA conference as being one of the 25 best websites for teaching and learning for 2010. The link is not yet live but when it is we will be posting an announcement on our homepage, and on facebook.

    • Joe,

      First, thanks for the positive reflection! Also congratulations for the well deserved honor from AASL. They are an amazing group of people, my wife is a school media specialist (teacher librarian). EDSITEment and its content are so important to 21st century education! As we approach PBL, STEM, and 21st century education it is important to note how important the Arts are to the curriculum and cross discipline study and integration. I have often heard Dan Pink describe putting the A in STEM to make a more powerful steam! Please continue to follow through on your awesome mission. As you introduce to new ideas and topics please let me know and I will be sure to pass it onto others! Again thanks for the comment and please continue to return and encourage other to do likewise! With appreciation! – Mike

  9. Hi!

    I’m working with a project called One Day on Earth. It is a participatory media project taking place on October 10, 2010.

    To facilitate student participation in One Day on Earth we are currently building FREE educational toolkits including syllalbi, lesson plans, videos, and slides, which will aid teachers and students in filming their lives and communities on 10.10.10. Our course materials are flexible and can be integrated as a project for any age group, in any subject, and for any length of time.

    Please feel free visit the education section of our website to sign up for toolkits, and find out more about the project and some of the people involved: http://www.101010educate.org

    Also, I feel that your audience would really appreciate these toolkits and this project, and I was wondering if you would consider sharing it with them?


    • Just got back from ISTE. Took a look at the One Day On Earth site and thought it could have an awesome impact! Awareness is so important and this type of thought and reflection must take pace in our schools. I plan on putting together a story and will publish in the near future! Thanks for both the feedback and the ideas! Please continue to return and tell others! Again thanks – Mike

  10. Joe Butera

    Read about your accomplishments. How proud I am to say I know you. Not only did you accomplish academically, but you shared your knowledge and talent with others.


    • Joe, Great to hear from you and hope all is well. Thanks for your kind words and it is great that you found this blog which is a mission I have to help teachers and students. Look forward to future conversations! – Mike

  11. Hilary Goldmann

    Michael, I need a working email address for you. I keep getting bouncebacks.

  12. Hi Mike. I’m the founder of iSchoolBand.com. I had a bit of news and wanted to share it. First a bit about what we do..iSchoolBand simplifies the school band year using automation and powerful productivity tools. Our mission is to cultivate and enhance community within school band families. We are the first and ONLY social platform in the music education space, we launched publicly last December and have since grown from 10 schools to 150! You can view a live demo at ischoolband.com (you will see the “live demo” button).

    We are currently a subscription service ($199 a year), but we may transition into a free model soon (pending a partnership deal with Yamaha). We have some other exciting products due out soon that use iSchoolBand’s technology for the larger K-12 & higher ed markets. I am moving to the bay area early next year to take my startups to silicon valley. Hopefully it will be fruitful.

    I hope this find you well,

    chris purifoy

  13. Hello Michael,

    We previously made worditout.com which you’ve discussed on your website. With our new site Wondersay, you can make cool animations from any text (even tweets!), then save, share and embed these wondersayings, all online (no sign-up) and for free!
    So have a play and if you think your readers may be interested (which we do!) then we’d be grateful for a mention, even if just on twitter!

    Try this for example: http://www.wondersay.com/I-love-you–xxx (refresh to see random different looks)
    or wondersay.com/twitter/mjgormans

    Many thanks,

    • I gave the site a quick visit and decided I must come back for more to play further! I looks like a great opportunity for more fun with words! Thanks for sharing! – Mike

  14. Hi Michael,

    I really love your blog and congratulations your Education Innovator Award!

    I think your audience would be interested in learning about our STEM competition. It is a project-based program, free to participants, easy for teachers and open to all high school students. Students have the opportunity to develop real products using science, technology, and entrepreneurship and work with expert mentors. They also have the chance win seed money for their product and present at the NASA Ames Center in California!

    This is a resource for those innovative educators to inspire their students with STEM education through the spirit of competition and entrepreneurship.

    Please let me know if you would be interested in involving your network in our competition and if I can send you additional information or schedule a time to talk with you over the phone.

    Best wishes,
    Jennifer Fotherby
    Conrad Foundation: http://www.conradawards.org
    Spirit of Innovation Awards

  15. Alesia – Thanks for the comment to the post! I think that integration requires proper professional development of teachers. All the technology in the world will not transform with out a budget for sustainable training. I hope that the powers that be will see and understand this basic concept! I will keep doing what I can do! Again, thanks so much! – Mike

  16. Sal

    Hi Michael,

    Nice blog, going to subscribe via email.

    Just wondering how do you find the ed tech resources you blog about? Also are you amenable to people sending you info on new resources? In case you are, I have recently built a tool called http:Enterthegroup.com which is free for students to manage group projects online.

    Best regards,

    • Hi Sal,
      First thanks for leaving a comment. I find resources by networking on twitter, using my Google search strategies, and just reading constant info from many resources. I also get suggestions such as yours and will always take time to take a look. In fact that is how I first reported on Tagxedo about a year ago. I am looking forward to looking at your work. Since I am also into PBL it should be a lot of fun exploring! Thanks so much and keep networked! – Mike

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  18. Paula


    I would like to encourage you to include home schoolers in your contest guidelines for the Lenovo ThinkCentre M90z touch screen computer. Many “bright” students are home schooled because their diversity of learning styles are not addressed in the conventional classroom. I am sure you have heard the numerous public discussions of the dyslexic child who failed at school but went on to develop a Fortune 500 company. I am a tutor for many of these children.

    Thank you,
    Paula Green

  19. Hi Mike,
    Great site! I found you while noodling around on Greg Swanson’s EdTech Toolbox site today. I’m a sixth grade teacher in Corona, CA and I just had an educational app come out in the app store Thursday. I wanted to make you aware of it and would love for you to check it out. It’s called Stick Pick. Let me know if I can answer any questions for you.

    Stick Pick is a great app for the teacher iOS device. Teachers can randomly (or intentionally) choose a student’s name from a virtual can of Popsicle sticks. Student sticks are tied to a mode and level of difficulty for each learner. Each time a student’s stick is drawn, you will be shown over a dozen Bloom’s Taxonomy related questions that are tied to the learner’s individual ability level.

    Questions can be linked to cognitive or linguistic needs to each student. Teachers can have multiple soup cans (classes) filled with sticks (students). During setup, teachers choose a category of questions that they want to focus on for the learner. Questions can be based on Bloom’s Taxonomy, English as a second language skills, and a degree of difficulty can be chosen for each learner.

    Formative assessment is easy to record because students can tap a corresponding correct, incorrect, or opinion button. Teachers can also rate each student’s answer by selecting 0-5 on the critical thinking rubric (for Bloom’s) or an elaboration rubric (for English as a second language). Student data is saved directly in the app and can be emailed.

    How Stick Pick can enrich learning: Stick Pick is a handy tool for any teacher device. Stick Pick can guide classroom discussion and formative assessment in really helpful ways. Teachers can mark sticks so that they aren’t constantly calling on the same students or asking students the same questions over and over again.

    Students can use Stick Pick too. During small group work, students can take turns asking one another questions based on Bloom’s Taxonomy making group work more productive and on-task.

    Record and send student progress to parents easily directly from the app.

    Please let me know if you have any questions about it! And keep up the good work. By the way, I’m going to ISTE this year. Are you? I’m shooting some videos for Ed Tech Magazine and blogging from the floor. Perhaps I could hit you up for an interview if you’re going…?


    Buzz Garwood

  20. thanks for your research and sharing…

  21. Hello!

    My name is Jenny Choi and I work at Learning Resources- a hands on educational materials company. This year, we have a new simple technology line and we were wondering if you would be interested in doing a review on our new Easi-Speak USB Recorder? Here is a direct link to that product page: http://www.learningresources.com/product/teachers/shop+by+category/simple+technology/easi-speak–8482-+usb+recorder.do?sortby=bestSellers&

    Please feel free to email me back if you are interested. Thanks for your time.

  22. Defyd Williams

    Great stuff Michael. Google my site TeAoglobalschool to discuss solutions to protecting Planet Earth. Blog me your ideas.
    Defyd Williams.

  23. Michael,

    You’ll likely be interested in at least one of the animations on this page:

    I am trying to get the word out to educators about two apps I have written .. Geom-e-Tree and Geom-e-Twee, particularly STEM.. and however I can contribute to Fractal education (around the world). The “Press” page on http://www.geom-e-tree.com is essentially a Site Map and background material.

    I’m subscribed here, so I can follow. I may drop wordpress and just follow you on twitter. My apologies if this is inappropriate comment. I didn’t see another way to contact you.

    John Miller
    Portland, Oregon

  24. Meenakshi Kulkarni

    Dear Sir,
    I am a teacher from Nagpur,Maharashtra,India . Intending to take up “The effect of Computer Assisted Language Learning in teaching skills of English language to non –native speakers” through Fulbright scholarship . How CAL is used and implemented in U.S, can the same environment be created forIndian non-native speakers.
    I will be highly obliged if you kindly give some invaluable guidance and in which schools CAL is used

  25. Hi Michael,

    Are you going to be at the OpenEd Conference in Salt Lake this year in Oct.? Would love to connect 🙂

    • Hi Josh, Would love to be there and connect. I am in Connecticut, Indianapolis, and San Diego in October. I really want to get to OpenEd some day! Enjoy and hope you take a lot away! – Mike

  26. Jennifer Tait

    Mike, I have attended some of your webinars in the past and am quite interested in your upcoming one on Wednesday, October 5. I am wondering if these webinars are archived so that they can be viewed at a later date. We are interested in some of the instructors viewing the webinar but not exactly sure if others outside of the STEM classes might benefit, also. If the webinar is archived we could host a viewing party at a later date for all to view.

    • Jennifer, first… thanks for the networking. The webinar will be archived by BIE and I have also posted all of the links supplied in my next post. Please share this blog and any information with all. I enjoy sharing and promoting educational transformation. If you need any help with the archive please feel free to send me a reply to any post. I will get back with you. Thanks so much. – Mike

  27. I will have to give it a look. -Mike

  28. Hi Michael,

    We’re working with a client that is trying to make technology more accessible and easier to use in the classroom. We love your blog and the topics you cover so we thought we’d ask if you’d be willing to give us your opinion by taking our survey.

    Do you use technology to teach? Take our 5-minute survey.


    If you complete the survey, you’ll be entered to win a $500(US) Office Depot Gift Card.

    The survey will end on October 30th and then the client will randomly select a winner.

    We appreciate it,

  29. Mike, it was truly a thrill to meet you in person; for anyone who hasn’t met you, I want to say that you are as nice and approachable in person, as you are obviously brilliant and gifted in educational technology. Thank you for all you do to provide sources, guidance, and inspiration for everyone from the skilled to the newbies. Thank you for your encouragement as I gave my very first presentation; I look forward to continuing to learn from you! Diana

    • Diana, I was equally thrilled! Thanks so much and I really do plan on learning from you. I wish you the best as you continue to assist both teachers and students. I know you had a wonderful session and I really do look forward to future networking! Have a great school year and enjoy! Again thanks so much! – Mike

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  31. JD

    Excellent article for Tech & Learning! Nothing new, but simple and extremely useful guidance for teachers struggling with the admin directive, “Teach 21st Century Skills”.

    It doesn’t take an Einstein, but…

    “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough”

    You understand. Thanks for the help.

    • JD, Thanks for your understanding. We have some awesome teachers in the field that have been doing some great lessons for years. I just want to help them see how to bring some of their past treasures into the 21st century. I really appreciate your comments and please continue to return and to encourage others to do the same! – Mike

  32. Hello Mike,
    I’ve just spent a happy hour (and some) looking through your posts. Amazing, and better than that– substantial. I hope to use some of the tools (like Jelly Cam) you’ve described, piloted, and pioneered in my own classroom and with my project. I teach chemistry and playwriting at a 2-year college in Madison, WI and direct a NSF-funded project that uses the tools of drama to teach science concepts to elementary school children This project (called Fusion Science Theater) does more than bring art and STEM together; it intimately integrates techniques and principles from the performing arts to initiate, support, and impel science learning. And it works! I invite you to check us out at http://www.fusionsciencetheater.org and view any number of videos and clips of our shows on Vimeo.
    Thanks again for your great work.
    Sincerely yours,
    Your new follower,
    Holly Walter Kerby

    • Hi Holly,

      First thanks for the visit and seeing STEM and arts combined (STEAM) I had to visit your site. What a wonderful collection of videos and ideas. Thanks so much for sharing and I will continue to visit to see how it develops through time. Congrats on a such an engaging program! Again thanks so much for the visit and please continue to return! – Mike

  33. Hello Michael!

    We think your audience would be interested in learning about Schoolit! Free for schools to participate, Schoolit is a new, unique deal website that aims to help schools raise funds, which we accomplish by donating 50% of our remaining proceeds directly to schools.

    Schoolit’s mission is to empower consumers to take action against increasing budget cuts and revolutionize school fundraising by supporting their schools through local spending. Schoolit additionally lends itself as a publishing platform, and will soon release its smart phone application to make redeeming coupons and using school bulletin boards instantly accessible to users.

    Schoolit was also recently featured on Ebru News, which you can see here: http://tinyurl.com/Schoolit-EbruNews.

    Please contact us so that we may send you our most recent press release! We look forward to hearing from you and feel free to browse our website: http://www.justschoolit.com/

    Thank you and keep up the great work,


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  36. Jennifer Tait

    Michael, I have followed your Blog for over a year now and love the information that you share. I am the current president of IICCA (Indiana Interdisciplinary Cooperative Coordinators Association) and I am putting together the Agenda for our annual conference in June. I was wondering if I could speak to you about a PBL Presentation for this conference.

    • Jennifer, Thanks for the follow and I am always interested in sharing. I know that I am in California during your conference but would enjoy looking at ways to possibly network in the future! Thanks so much for the kind words and please stay connected. – Mike

  37. Hello Mike,

    great site. I am a teacher in Sydney, Australia and I have made a dedicated Youtube channel of instructional videos for useful apps in education that I thought your readers might be interested in. The address is http://www.ipadagogy.com.au.


    Nathan Dumbleton

  38. Hi Mike,

    I would like to suggest some sites that may be useful for your blog ’21st Century Educational Technology and Learning’.
    I’m the developer of these tools and am finding them to work well in my classes. Would love to share them with others and also get feedback in the interest of improving them.


    It’s an idea generation tool that is also useful for a variety of other creativity based activities. Also works reasonably well on a smartboard.
    If you look in About/Help you’ll find links to examples of how people are using the app as well.


    A timer that is useful for timing assessments and other activities. Allows you to set warnings such as 5 minutes to go and 1/2 way etc and remembers your previous timers for convenience.

    Let me know what you think.


    – Ryan

  39. Hey Mike!

    My name’s Jerod, I’m the COO of a small company based out of Vancouver, BC, Canada.

    We’re just about to launch our new product, LiveSlate, which is an iPad app with a real-time, collaborative, whiteboard and full audio/video streaming. Not only that, but it captures and records the entire whiteboarding process, from start to finish, so instructors are able to review not just *what* the student did, but *how* they did it, and where they struggled.

    We recently had some discussions with some education partners, and they believe there’s a good opportunity for such an application – small groups, classroom settings, distance education, etc.

    We’d love it if you’d be willing to write up a review of LiveSlate (or, for that matter, just give us your feedback)!

    Here’s a video of LiveSlate in action; my apologies for the “corporate” slant to the video, we’ll be making a more education-focused version soon 🙂 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4nnxlWPD8G8&feature=youtu.be)

    Thanks in advance for your time!

  40. Michael,
    Whether you call it a text book or a flex book it is pretty much the same – educational content delivered in one basic learning style . Digital, free and open is good…engaging I question. K12 Next Generation is in the process of gathering a team of individuals and organizations globally for the purpose of designing a high quality, flexible curriculum continuum using open educational resources. We know that we all learn different ways and at different rates. Therefore, lessons designed for any given unit uses many different approaches and levels of resources. The student is given the outcome expected and the “tools” to explore to find the answers. They can read it, hear it, watch it, do it, share it,… A student having difficulty is facilitated by the teacher who looks at HIS specific needs. Once understanding is achieved they continue on their individualized path of learning. Students move through the curriculum by demonstrating master of the information through PBL types of activities. Students will become active, independent learners with the skills necessary to be competitive in the 21st Century.

    • Thank you so much for your thoughtful reflection. I agree with you that we must be careful how much we put into anyone resource. I do feel that K12 Flex may give us the opportunity to divert some of our funding toward what you describe, including PD and time for teachers to develop engaging curriculum. I am excited about what you are working on and please keep me informed as to your developments. Thanks for sharing and please continue to return. – Mike

  41. Hi Michael,
    What a great site with ton’s of information – thanks!
    I wanted to let you know that we have a multi-purpose STEM App for the iPad and iPhone called techBASIC. Graphs are interactive for math class, data can be collected from outside sources like a stunt kite flight and brought into physics class, and students can learn to program in BASIC. Here’s a link to our STEM Video:

    and our STEM Education Page:
    I’d be happy to send you a promo code so you can try it out – I can be reached at patty@byteworks.us
    Patty Westerfield

  42. Doug Arnold

    Dr. Gorman,
    My name is Doug Arnold and I am superintendent with the Maconaquah Schools, north of Kokomo, Indiana. Who would I contact to see if your schedule would permit you to speak with my staff at some point in time? I am looking for a presenter on July 31, 2012 for my opening day. We are going one-to-one with iPads and Lenovo laptops, grades K-12, for the 2012-13 school year. If you are available, that would be great. Also, I would appreciate any suggestions for my opening day with our technology focus. Thank you. Doug Arnold

    • Doug – great to hear from a fellow Hoosier! I am always open to speaking opportunities and have sent you an email under another cover! Look forward to hearing back and working together! – Mike

  43. Aimee, I always invite an opportunity to speak, engage, and network with educators across the country. I have sent you an email under another cover. Look forward to hearing back! – Mike

  44. Hi Mike,

    I’m contacting you on behalf of Float Mobile Learning, the leader in mobile learning strategy and development. We recently developed an app called Sandbox, a whitelist Web browser for iOS devices that lets users access only a preapproved list of websites. We think it fits in with your goal of promoting educational technology in the 21st century.

    We would very much appreciate your review of the app. Please send me an email at abockler[at]floatlearning.com in order to receive a promo code for your free download.

  45. Dr. Gorman,
    My name is Miles Cole and I work for a company called CI Solutions based in Southern California. I have been following your blog over the last 6 months and it has proved to be a lot of help when talking to administrators at high schools. We promote a product called PlascoTrac that has been successful in promoting PBIS programs on campuses across the country. I would appreciate any feed back you can offer, after checking out our student behavioral solution at http://www.plascotrac.com.

    I look forward to hearing back from you soon.

    Miles Cole
    Systems Consultant
    (800)599-7385 x513

  46. Hi Mike!

    My name is Matthew TW Huang currently working in Fort Wayne as an engineer. I came upon your blog and was throughly impressed with much of it. I was wondering if you could possibly give me advice on ways I could get involved with the educational technology industry.

    Matt TW Huang

  47. Michael, I would be very grateful if you have a look at our PresentationTube network at http://presentationtube.net. PresentationTube Network has been developed to help teachers, students, and business professionals produce and share quality video presentations. PresentationTube offers a free video presentation recorder that synchronizes a variety of visual aids, including presenter’s audio and video footage, PowerPoint slides, text, drawings, and web content. The network involves the audience via scrollable slide thumbnails and discussions, with unlimited video uploading and delivery.

  48. kara jessup

    Dr. Gorman,
    I saw your presentation at ISTE and was very impressed. I would love to show my collegues the video you used about collaboration where the kids are planning the date. Where can I find the link?

    Thank you for your time.

    Kara Jessup
    High School Math Teacher
    Evanston, Wyoming

  49. Hi Michael,

    I have really been enjoying reading your posts. I am currently working with a small start-up called Quick Schools. We help small schools streamline their administration by providing online assistance. I would love it if you would consider posting an article on our learn.quickschools.com blog, which offers free resource articles for teachers about tech in the classroom. Thanks for your help in this! Also, thank you so much for sharing your wealth of knowledge with all of us educators!

  50. Hey!
    I wanted to share one of our products with you. It’s an iPad app that develops mathematical intuition and skills through playful interaction. The SlateMath pedagogy is crafted by world-class early-age math education experts, and is based on many years of experience and research.
    The app is aligned with Common Core and has many activities that prepare children for kindergarten and first grade math. SlateMath forms the foundation of numbers, digit writing, counting, addition, order relation, patterns, parity and problem solving. You can download it for free from the iPad app store.
    We also offer a free teacher’s guide which enable teachers to combine frontal teaching with self-paced practice in a blended learning model. Here is video that demonstrates how to teach the foundations of the Set theory to kindergartners using SlateMath.

    I was hoping you could review our app, we believe it’s different and unique.

    Best Regards .

    Ayala Caspi
    Slate Science

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  52. Aniket

    Hi Michael,

    I love your posts! Thanks a lot for what has been a very helpful guide and resource bank.

    I am the founder of Sokratik – an active learning platform. We believe our product can be used to extend the scope of and help integrate project based learning in schools easily.

    We are looking for initial feedback as we develop it further. I was hoping you could take a look and provide your perspective. Do drop me a mail if you want to try it out.

    To know more, watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SBUxaUNNaRk

    Founder, Sokratik

  53. Hey Michael,

    I have been reading your blog, and I like that you have posts with educational resources for students and teachers.

    I wanted to reach out because we are launching interactive test prep guides for the AP exam on the iBooks Store this Friday, and was wondering if you would be able to post a review when you have the chance? It comes with three full-length timed interactive AP exams that students can take, and provides personalized feedback on which chapters/sections to reference depending on the questions they got correct or wrong.

    Students will be taking the AP exam in early May, and teachers will likely be looking for some resources to help their students prepare, so I thought it might be an opportune time.

    The promo code for AP Physics is XAE799AMWTPP

    You can find more information about us on http://www.omniguides.org, and some free demos on http://www.omninox.org


    Yatit Thakker

  54. Hey Mike, my name is Jim Glotzhober and for the past three years I’ve taught Middle and High School Chinese in Baltimore, Maryland and Schenectady, New York. My experience teaching in low-income districts has made me reflect extensively on professional development and how it is implemented today. I am convinced that teachers need newer, better resources and I’ve spent the last year developing my own website called “myk12pd.com” and am currently trying to get it crowdfunded on Indiegogo (https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/myk12pd-com/x/7264647). Like all crowdfunding campaigns, myk12pd needs more support than just my friends, family and coworkers..what I’d really like is for people who are truly passionate about education and already have an existing audience to spread the word and get as much support as possible. If you’re looking for a story, please consider this one, if you have any questions just email me back! I hope you’re like me in that you believe education evolves best when teachers are the ones driving new ideas forward and I plan to continue with this project for as long as reform is needed. Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you.

  55. Hi,
    http://www.melonprep.com is a free assessments resource for educators and students. Do check it out – and let us know what you think!


  56. Dylan Schreiner

    Hello! Mr. Gorman, I was wondering if you’d be interested in having a possible guest blog post. If you would, please get back to me with your requirements. Thanks!

  57. When I read sites such as your’s I am reminded of how poorly we have communicated our STEM curriculum. We have been developing materials and conducting PD for over 20 years. Please check out http://www.cemast.ilstu.edu. Our program is the only STEM curriculum approved for state-wide adoption for K-5 mathematics in FL and GA, K-8 math in NC and CA, and K-8 math and K-8 science in TX. I’d like to talk to you about it. Thank you.

  58. Jamie Smith

    Hi Mike! Jamie Smith here from Homestead! We already miss you! I stumbled across your site while doing grad work. Glad to see you are still available; you are always a terrific resource. I am bookmarking you via Diigo (thank you for showing me that). Best ~


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