21centuryedtech Lenovo ThinkCentre M90 Computer Winner

I wish to thank all of those who entered and shared educational games in the Lenovo ThinkCentre M90  Computer Contest. The games that educators shared were equally fantastic and a winner of the computer could only be determined by a random drawing. I will be posting a long  list of educational games that were shared in a future post and hope you find it useful. I wish to also thank the people at Lenovo and Ivy Worldwide for making this contest possible. After selecting the winner I wanted to make sure that I contacted that person and confirmed their educational connection as required in the contest. Now that I have been able to do that I wish to congratulate Mark Salzer. Mark is a teacher who works in a high school Project Based Learning setting. Mark will soon be receiving a new Lenovo ThinkCentre M90. You still have opportunities to win a computer by checking out the sites and contests featured by the Blogs I have posted below. Again, thanks to all readers and please stay tuned for more informative posts in the world of 21st century education. Have a great week! – Mike

Mobile PC World May 6   May 10
Dangerously Irrelevant May 7   May 11
Bud the Teacher May 8   May 12
Kikolani May 9   May 13
Geeks To Go May 10   May 14
Chad Lehman.com May 11   May 15


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