MIT’s Scratch Part 2: A Tour Of An Amazing Free Web Site

Welcome to Part Two in this four part Series exploring Scratch, a  free program from MIT that is engaging students across the nation. Scratch crosses all curriculum,  facilitates 21st Century skills, encompasses NET standards, promotes STEM thinking, and can be incorporated into PBL. It also promotes creativity, tinkering, logical thinking, innovation, reinvention, and collaboration! And did I mention it is free! By the way sustain your learning by subscribing to this Blog by RSS or Email. There will be two more Scratch Posts, followed by post about Flip Cameras in the classroom, researching on the internet, and iPads in education. I also welcome you to follow me on Twitter at mjgormans. Now lets take a look at the Scratch Site! – Have a great week! – Mike

The best place to start learning about Scratch is visiting the Scratch Site at MIT yourself. At this portal you will find a wealth of information provided for educators and students. Be sure to take your time because you will be immersed in a wealth of information. This site provides all you will need to get your students started. The key to making Scratch work for kids is giving them the key. You will find them way ahead of you with in a week as they program, collaborate, design, and even work from home. After all it is free and more importantly, engaging! Your job will be to facilitate, guide, inspire, and challenge as they explore worlds that allow them to learn, create, and share. Allow me to take you on a quick tour of the site.
Download – Exactly what you would expect. An area to register and download for free! Program is available for Windows, Macs, and Linux operating systems. Kids can even download with out giving out any information!

Scratch Tours – If you are new to Scratch, what a great place to start. How about Exploring The World of Scratch. A great way to see the diversity in the program. Perhaps tour different Scratch Stories whether they be animations, tales, interactives, music, or art. Get an idea for remixing what has already been created by others by using the Remix Tree. This is a great way to experience the true spirit of Scratch

Scratch Video Tutorials – A great way to watch some ways to begin using Scratch. Watch the videos and then give it a try! Great place for both educators and students to be begin Scratching!

ScratchEd – A great online community for educators. In the Stories Section you will find over fifty articles on how Scratch is being used in the classroom. Be sure to read through this collection of experiences, practices, and reflections. The Resource Section is filled with over 250 ideas that will relate across all subject areas at any grade levels. In theForums Section you can look through close to 200 topics and over 500 posts. The Members Section will allow you to network with the 2500 members of the ScratchEd Community across the world.

Scratch Design Studio – This is an awesome area where users can learn from other users. Educators and students can find out how to do some pretty cool things in Scratch by investigating what others have done. Better yet, once you figure out how to do something fun with Scratch… submit it in this area

Scratch Projects – An entire channel devoted to featured projects from Scratch Users across the world. Scroll through and learn what people are sharing and doing with Scratch.

Scratch Gallery – An area that has projects by category. These categories can be used as a starters for student projects while providing ideas. These can be searched by latest, featured, design studios, and keyword.

Scratch Support – A must visit area providing information on ways to begin using Scratch in the classroom. You will find valuable materials in here. Be sure to download and read the 14 page PDF file entitled Getting Started Guide. There are 12 colorful Scratch Cards that can be downloaded and printed to help students learn Scratch. These are valuable and a definite plus for helping both educators and students. Peruse the Scratch Facts and last don’t miss some of these valuableScratch Resources. You do not want to miss this 23 page Reference Guide To Scratch. It has everything you need to get started.

Scratch Forums – Do you have a question, looking for collaborators,or seeking ideas? Then this area with its thousands of posts will satisfy your itch to even learn more from a network of people around the world.

Scratch About Page – Yes it is worth the click! There is a goldmine of information here. You will find further information for educators, read current news stories about Scratch, gather research about Scratch, donate to Scratch, and visit the Scratch store.

Scratch Wiki – A collection of over 350 articles and stories written by Scratch Users for Scratch Users. This one Wiki will provide information useful to both students and their teachers. This is a must visit for all!

Scratch Conference – Yes, there is a conference at least once a year held at the MIT Labs for those that are itching to get even more involved with relieving their need to know more about Scratch.

Scratch Day – There are currently four events in three countries across the world. Learn how you can become involved in one of these and possibly even host your own.

I hope I have created a new itch for you to come back for more resources on educational transformation. Remember there is more Scratch to come so subscribe to this Blog by RSS or email. Don’t miss future posts that will give you ideas to engage your students. You can also visit my 21centuryedtech Wiki filled with resources. Last, feel free to visit my archived Scratch Webinar at Siemens Discover Education STEM Institute. Keep on Scratching for 21st Century Educational Opportunities…once you start there is no relief. Why should there be? Learn, Create, Transform and Innovate! – Mike


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