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Free Yet Powerful 21 Century Quiz Application For Any Classroom

Tests and quizzes are one  necessary means of evaluation when teaching in a 21st Century classroom. This week I bring you an automated quiz application program that that can be used by anyone. It allows for differentiation, online testing and reporting, classroom analysis, custom application, and requires no student email address.  Best of all it is free! As always,  feel free to subscribe to this Blog by RSS or email, follow me on twitter at (@mjgormans), and also discover some great resources at my 21centuryedtech Wiki!  You will also find my postings at Tech and Learning Magazine. Now lets take a moment to check out an evaluation instrument that truly is 21st Century!

I am a big believer in assessment, after all it does determine if students and educators are meeting necessary goals. In a 21st century classroom assessment must include all avenues such as project based, authentic, peer review, reflection, personal inquiry, observation, and all those others non-traditional techniques. In a world of standardized testing to help determine achievement gained, future vocation, education placement, and post k12 track the well known quiz and test is still an important tool. Thus the reason for this post, an introduction to a tool that really does incorporate the everyday quiz with an important 21st century twist.

Welcome to ThatQuiz, a free online non-commercial resources for teachers and students. At first glance you will enjoy the simple and easy to understand interface designed by Andrew Lyczak,  a software engineer with a real understanding of providing for classroom needs. While there are built in quizzes for math, science, language arts, and social studies, please note they are adjustable in both difficulty and length. The interface has not been limited by the pre-built and allows educators to make their own tests covering any subject and set of questions. You may even note that the interface allows for multiple languages. Some of the pre-made quizzes are included in graphic below:

It isn’t until an educator creates a classroom by creating an account that some real power can be put in to action! It is after the log in that teachers can view all the features including how to see tests, view grades, edit class, and create a new class. A teacher can also customize existing pre-built test or design their own test. Tests can be matching, multiple choice, essay, or designed on a unique set of slides. The slide creation option is not difficult to master and offers more flexibility than the simpler multiple choice and matching methods for test creation. Using the set of available tools, a teacher can draw geometric shapes, plot graphs, and create identification quizzes. Best of all there is an awesome tutorial available on-line. When creating  an original or pre-made test the teacher has the ability to set number of questions, difficulty,  prescribe an order , or randomize order for each individual test. There is even the ability to use tests that other teachers have shared on-line.

The classroom set up allows the teacher to create a separate area in their own administrative site for each class. Students can be named (if using last names check your school policy). A code, first names, or numbers could be used. There is no need for student email, students just enter a test code on the main site given to them by the teacher. Teachers can also notify students of the test by email by clicking on the Notify button. After students have tested, the teacher just clicks on the proper link  to check individual or total class results.

Want to try a non networked off line version. It is available for Windows, iPad, and Android phone.  Perhaps a teacher prefers a paper test. This program allows for printing and even scoring the old fashion way! In order for the program to function properly at least Internet Explorer 6+ or Firefox should be installed. Macintosh users (OS X) will have best results from Firefox, but may also use Safari version 1.3.2 or 2.0. Remember,  ThatQuiz is a free website for educational use allowing for increased productivity in this one style of  student assessment. It is important to incorporate many different styles and techniques.  As you evaluate all assessments, take some time to  envision where ThatQuiz has  that unique opportunity to transform today’s classroom into the 21century classroom.

Thanks for joining me on this this quest in uncov ering a 21st Century teaching resourc geared toward student evaluation. Be on the look out for my Advanced Google Search and my Evaluating a Web Page Series. You can also find a variety of my postings under Blogs at Tech & Learning Magazine.  If you know of other outstanding assessment resources please leave a comment! Take a moment and subscribe to this blog by RSS or email, share with others, and as always follow me on twitter (@mjgormans). Until next time… transform, educate, and inspire! – Mike


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