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Be Part Of ISTE 2010: Check Out Classroom 2.0… And Engage!

In the future I will feature a blog on ISTE2010 (formerly called NECC)! It was after listening  to one of the informative webinars at Classroom 2.0 in an Elluminate Room that I felt compelled to make a contribution by providing readers an awareness of the wonderful services that Classroom 2.o provides at and around the ISTE conference.  As always, please take a moment to follow me on twitter (@mjgormans) and don’t miss the hundreds of free resources that will compliment 21st Century learning at my 21centuryedtech Wiki. Now, let’s take a trip to Classroom 2.0 and learn about their involvement in the ISTE Conference in Denver!  – Mike

I write this especially for you people who may be new to PLN’s, ISTE, and Networking, but want to become more involved and learn more.  A great way to start is to become involved in ISTE and at the same time explore Classroom 2.0, a social network for those interested in Web 2.0 and Social Media in education. Classroom 2.0 is a free, community-supported network. It is the mission of the organization to engage those who are “beginners” and provide a supportive, comfortable place to start being part of the digital dialog.  Exploring Classroom 2.o is something I just recently began and, believe me, it would be a whole other post! Instead, I wish to introduce you to Classroom 2.0 activities at ISTE2010 and please note that you can be involved whether you come early, stay through the entire conference, or never come at all.

The highlights of the webinar I mentioned earlier are archived for listening at your leisure at Elluminate (another service I must write a post about). I have included descriptions as stated by Steve Hargadon, Elluminate’s Social Learning Consultant, and the founder of the Classroom 2.0 social network. I couldn’t resist putting in some of my own editorial thoughts.

EduBloggerCon – EduBloggerCons are about conversations that teach. Questions are asked, problems posed, experiences shared, and everyone learns. It is like a constant series of Socratic Seminars. You don’t have to be a blogger and it is a perfect place for someone new to network and build the foundation of a PLN. No advanced registration is required but you may want to take a moment to sign up. This  all day event on July 26 begins in the  Colorado Convention Center thanks to the generosity of ISTE. There will be access to free wireless, but bring extra computer batteries or make sure you’re fully charged up because this is a BYOP (bring-your-own-power) event.  Sorry no wireless electricity, yet! Check out the website for EduBlogger.

Bloggers’ Cafe – A center of synergy in a comfortable setting where conference attendees meet, network, share, laugh, or just carry on a stimulating conversation. If you’re new be sure to introduce yourself, after all you will be family here!  New this year:  a live webcam and mic so that those not at ISTE can say hi and chat with those who are.

ISTE “Unplugged” – Never presented at ISTE, never presented anywhere? Here is your opportunity! Perhaps your proposal was not accepted, or you learned something new that you just have to share! You may be a perfect candidate for ISTE Unplugged. This is found near the Bloggers’ Cafe, on the same timetable as the conference. There is a small presentation area where you can sign up to present to both a live and a remote audience (those not at ISTE can watch all the presentations via Elluminate).

OpenSourceCon –  First time ever experience for those interested in Open Source in education. That is an idea right down my alley! Check it out at  http://www.opensourcecon.com. It runs at the same time as the EduBlogger on July 26 and you can even go back and forth between the two. Consider it a parallel FREE all-day unconference for those interested in Open Source in education. Steve Hargadon, creator of Classroom 2.o, is looking for volunteers who wish to help. He states that  http://www.opensourcecon.com is where the details will emerge as they become available.

Classroom 2.0 Birds of a Feather Meeting – The date is Tuesday, 6/29/2010, 4:45pm–6:15pm.  This is your opportunity to meet other members of Classroom 2.0 and have some fun as everyone has an opportunity to share with each other.  Be prepared for a BIG crowd for this one, but no hiding allowed!

Classroom 2.0 LIVE Broadcast – Time and date to be determined.  This is  a live show from ISTE that features YOU as the guests. Great opportunity for those at home to connect at ISTE and for attendees to connect with those back at home!

Open Source Pavilion, Speaker Series, and Playground Area – this  is a terrific speaker track, supported generously as a formal part of the ISTE conference now. It is a must attend event for Open Source enthusiasts or wanna-bes.  They need volunteers also, who can help to man some of the playground stations!

Global Education Poster Session – This is part of the amazing 5-day online global education conference in November that Classroom 2.0 is  just starting to announce.  There will be a poster session table on Sunday night to give details and make connections with the larger community. Volunteers also needed for this!

As you can see Classroom 2.0 is not only encouraging you to attend ISTE2010, but allowing for you to be a part of it! As I often tell teachers, students learn more when they are  contributors and part of their own learning. A big thank you to Steve, his volunteers, and staff for making this learning opportunity happen at such a premiere conference as ISTE! Whether you are new, a seasoned veteran, in Denver, or as far away as Denmark, make sure you network with Classroom 2.0 and enjoy all it has to offer and become part of the energy at ISTE2010!

Thanks for joining me on another journey in the satisfying quest for 21st Century education knowledge! I invite you to my session at ISTE on Tuesday, July 29 from 1:00 – 3:00 PM. You may have guessed it, I will have free and inexpensive resources to share! Be sure to stop by, I would love to meet you! In the meantime, please follow me on twitter (@mjormans) and at my 21centuryedtech Wiki packed with free resources! Perhaps I will even see you someplace in Classroom 2.0 as there sure are lots of places to be! Have a great week! – Mike

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Tweet For Ed Funding: Not Everything Is Free!

Yours Truly Facilitating The Indiana Team’s March To Capitol Hill

Welcome to a short midweek post dedicated to political action in education. I firmly believe that educators must proactively support technology in education. It is my hope that when students enter a school they walk into an environment that is engaging and promotes 21st Century standards along with the important core curriculum. Please read on and I invite you to help the people at ISTE as they support technology in the classroom. As always you can follow me on Twitter at (@mjgormans) and also read about free resources at my 21centuryedtech Wiki. Please read and consider… Thanks – Mike

I have been a long time advocate for students and the educational needs of the classroom. At the same time I understand that budgets are limited, in fact, that is the reason for both my Blog and Wiki! Both of these publications are my attempt at making teachers aware of free and inexpensive resources. While these are important, it is a reality that hardware, infrastructure, professional development, internet access, and their maintenance to support student learning is not free. For this reason I have met with legislators in my state capitol in Indiana and I also had the opportunity to lead a state delegation to Washington, DC’s Capitol Hill last year at NECC09.  (See picture above.)

Being a member of the ISTE ESEA Reauthorization Advisory Group, I recently recieved an email from Hilary Goldmann, who is the hard working Director of Government Affairs for ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education). She reports that ISTE is asking educators to contemplate taking some necessary action in order for all schools to at least maintain the current technology programs they have in place. At the present time the 2011 federal budget eliminates funding for Enhancing Education Through Technology, or EETT, which is the only dedicated funding stream for educational technology. On Wednesday, May 12, educators, parents, administrators and students from around the country and across the world are asked to speak out to support funding for ed tech. ISTE is suggesting that you take a moment to send a tweet, write a blog, update your Facebook status, start a Ning thread, or communicate by whatever means you have access to online to voice your support for dedicated ed tech funding in the 2011 federal budget. Below are some suggestion for ways you can make a difference.

Sample short messages for Tweets and social networking: (Sample of key Legislatures  included)

  • @TomHarkin #EETT Support innovation in learning & teaching. Fund #edtech at $500m
  • @DavidObey #EETT Support innovation in learning & teaching. Fund #edtech at $500m
  • @ThadCochran #EETT Support innovation in learning & teaching. Fund #edtech at $500m
  • @RepToddTiahrt #EETT Support innovation in learning & teaching. Fund #edtech at $500m
  • Our schools need 21st century education, #EETT. Fund #edtech at $500 m
  • No funding for #edtech? No prep for 21st century. Fund #EETT at $500m
  • I support #edtech. I vote. Fund #EETT at $500m in 2011
  • As a principal/teacher/parent I know our kids need #edtech skills. Fund #EETT at $500m

Sample blog topics:

  • How has ed tech improved the way you teach?
  • How has ed tech improved the way students learn?
  • What would you do with additional ed tech funding?
  • What will your students lose if EETT funding goes away?
  • Why is it important to have up-to-date technology in classrooms?

Please take a moment to reflect and consider any action. Perhaps you desire more information. Please click here (good information for you to be aware of) for details on the 2011 ed tech funding plans. You can also read about educational technology advocacy at the ISTE site Thanks for taking the time to read and consider.  Not all of ed tech resources are free and inexpensive, but as I find them I will be sure to let you know. Thanks for your time and please consider subscribing by RSS or email! Have a wonderful week and continue that journey toward 21st century education. – Mike


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Win An Online Learning Award Presented By ISTE And Global SchoolNet

In my mid week blogs I like to make you area of resources, sites, and opportunities available to educators intent on bringing Twenty-first Century skills to their classroom. This week I would like to introduce you to ISTE’s SIGOL and an amazing opportunity! First, ISTE (International Society For Technology In Education) is the largest educational oragnization of its type in the world and is famous for conventions that number over 18,000 attendees and for its well known NETS standards. In fact, I will be facilitating an ISTE Webinar on May 12, 2010. Please consider this an invitation to join me! SIGOL (Online Learning Special Interest Group) is one of ISTE’s  longest running and most exciting special interest groups. The other long time sponsor, Global SchoolNet, is excited about you taking part!  As a SIGOL member, I invite you to consider an opportunity to be awarded for the hard work you may have actually already done! Please take a look and, as always,  feel free to follow me on twitter (@mjgorman), I will return the favor and we can learn from each other. Also, you are invited to explore a wealth of free resources at my 21centuryedtech Wiki! Enjoy your week and please keep reading to learn about this awesome opportunity.

Have you and your students been involved in an original, online learning activity?  Perhaps you have created a class wiki or blog, communicated with other schools, teleconferenced with an author, created an awesome online project, or initiated a creative use of educational technology on the web. If so, I  encourage you to enter the 2010 SIGOL Online Learning Award competition. Since 1991, ISTE’s Online Learning Special Interest Group (SIGOL), has recognized creative teachers for their pioneering use of the web to provide innovative learning opportunities for school-aged students K–16. Read about past recipients. Any activity performed between February of 2009 and June 1, 2010 is eligible. The last day for submission is March 31, 2010.  The awards, which will be announced shortly after, in April of 2010, include great professional development opportunities. This link provides more information about this exciting award.

The first  place winner receives a $500 cash award, free conference registration worth $277 to ISTE’s annual conference and exposition in Denver Colorado, June 27—June 30, 2010,  a one year ISTE membership worth  $92 and a priceless invitation to present the project at ISTE’s annual conference. There are also two other great awards for both second and third place winners. While membership is not required, I recommend membership in  ISTE, an excellent organization supporting technology integration and Twenty-first Century skills,  and SIGOL which can be joined for free after paying registration for ISTE membership. Also take a look at the outstanding work being accomplished by the people at Global SchoolNet. It is a great site that wants to include you in  some real neat online classroom projects! Please take a moment to read about this prestigious award offered by ISTE, SIGOL, and Global SchoolNet. Perhaps you are already facilitating a potential winner! As you consider, take the time to pass this posting on to others who may be interested!

Thanks for joining me for another week of 21st Century opportunities in education. Perhaps I will be learning about your unique web and online program when you present your winning entry at ISTE2010. Hope to see you there, and also online at SIGOL, a great ISTE community and Global SchoolNet, a place to connect your classroom to the world!. As always feel free to follow me on twitter (@mjgorman). I will return the favor and we can learn from each other. Also you are invited to explore a wealth of free resources at my 21centuryedtech Wiki!  Enjoy your week! – Mike


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A Blog Devoted To 21st Century Ed Technology On The Cheap!


Hello, my name is Michael Gorman. I have been teaching over 31 years while spending the last 15 years integrating technology with the core standards. I have also presented at various national conferences including NECC, NMSA, BLC 09, and CELL. Welcome to a Blog devoted to free and inexpensive educational activities. I even plan to throw in my two bits, play on words, as I find resources and ideas that can be used as tools to transform the educational experience while promoting 21st century skills, project based learning, and NETS standards. I maintain a wiki devoted to 21st century education (21centuryedtech). Please feel free to visit. This blog will be a companion site and serve as avenue to informally share as I come across transformational ideas in a timely manner. Remember the emphasis is on the cheap, although I guarantee the ideas, reflections, and results will be rich! Thanks for joining me on a journey devoted to student engagement and learning!

Link – Visit my Wiki at 21centuryteched for in depth ideas, handouts, documents, and links

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