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Be Part Of ISTE 2010: Check Out Classroom 2.0… And Engage!

In the future I will feature a blog on ISTE2010 (formerly called NECC)! It was after listening  to one of the informative webinars at Classroom 2.0 in an Elluminate Room that I felt compelled to make a contribution by providing readers an awareness of the wonderful services that Classroom 2.o provides at and around the ISTE conference.  As always, please take a moment to follow me on twitter (@mjgormans) and don’t miss the hundreds of free resources that will compliment 21st Century learning at my 21centuryedtech Wiki. Now, let’s take a trip to Classroom 2.0 and learn about their involvement in the ISTE Conference in Denver!  – Mike

I write this especially for you people who may be new to PLN’s, ISTE, and Networking, but want to become more involved and learn more.  A great way to start is to become involved in ISTE and at the same time explore Classroom 2.0, a social network for those interested in Web 2.0 and Social Media in education. Classroom 2.0 is a free, community-supported network. It is the mission of the organization to engage those who are “beginners” and provide a supportive, comfortable place to start being part of the digital dialog.  Exploring Classroom 2.o is something I just recently began and, believe me, it would be a whole other post! Instead, I wish to introduce you to Classroom 2.0 activities at ISTE2010 and please note that you can be involved whether you come early, stay through the entire conference, or never come at all.

The highlights of the webinar I mentioned earlier are archived for listening at your leisure at Elluminate (another service I must write a post about). I have included descriptions as stated by Steve Hargadon, Elluminate’s Social Learning Consultant, and the founder of the Classroom 2.0 social network. I couldn’t resist putting in some of my own editorial thoughts.

EduBloggerCon – EduBloggerCons are about conversations that teach. Questions are asked, problems posed, experiences shared, and everyone learns. It is like a constant series of Socratic Seminars. You don’t have to be a blogger and it is a perfect place for someone new to network and build the foundation of a PLN. No advanced registration is required but you may want to take a moment to sign up. This  all day event on July 26 begins in the  Colorado Convention Center thanks to the generosity of ISTE. There will be access to free wireless, but bring extra computer batteries or make sure you’re fully charged up because this is a BYOP (bring-your-own-power) event.  Sorry no wireless electricity, yet! Check out the website for EduBlogger.

Bloggers’ Cafe – A center of synergy in a comfortable setting where conference attendees meet, network, share, laugh, or just carry on a stimulating conversation. If you’re new be sure to introduce yourself, after all you will be family here!  New this year:  a live webcam and mic so that those not at ISTE can say hi and chat with those who are.

ISTE “Unplugged” – Never presented at ISTE, never presented anywhere? Here is your opportunity! Perhaps your proposal was not accepted, or you learned something new that you just have to share! You may be a perfect candidate for ISTE Unplugged. This is found near the Bloggers’ Cafe, on the same timetable as the conference. There is a small presentation area where you can sign up to present to both a live and a remote audience (those not at ISTE can watch all the presentations via Elluminate).

OpenSourceCon –  First time ever experience for those interested in Open Source in education. That is an idea right down my alley! Check it out at  http://www.opensourcecon.com. It runs at the same time as the EduBlogger on July 26 and you can even go back and forth between the two. Consider it a parallel FREE all-day unconference for those interested in Open Source in education. Steve Hargadon, creator of Classroom 2.o, is looking for volunteers who wish to help. He states that  http://www.opensourcecon.com is where the details will emerge as they become available.

Classroom 2.0 Birds of a Feather Meeting – The date is Tuesday, 6/29/2010, 4:45pm–6:15pm.  This is your opportunity to meet other members of Classroom 2.0 and have some fun as everyone has an opportunity to share with each other.  Be prepared for a BIG crowd for this one, but no hiding allowed!

Classroom 2.0 LIVE Broadcast – Time and date to be determined.  This is  a live show from ISTE that features YOU as the guests. Great opportunity for those at home to connect at ISTE and for attendees to connect with those back at home!

Open Source Pavilion, Speaker Series, and Playground Area – this  is a terrific speaker track, supported generously as a formal part of the ISTE conference now. It is a must attend event for Open Source enthusiasts or wanna-bes.  They need volunteers also, who can help to man some of the playground stations!

Global Education Poster Session – This is part of the amazing 5-day online global education conference in November that Classroom 2.0 is  just starting to announce.  There will be a poster session table on Sunday night to give details and make connections with the larger community. Volunteers also needed for this!

As you can see Classroom 2.0 is not only encouraging you to attend ISTE2010, but allowing for you to be a part of it! As I often tell teachers, students learn more when they are  contributors and part of their own learning. A big thank you to Steve, his volunteers, and staff for making this learning opportunity happen at such a premiere conference as ISTE! Whether you are new, a seasoned veteran, in Denver, or as far away as Denmark, make sure you network with Classroom 2.0 and enjoy all it has to offer and become part of the energy at ISTE2010!

Thanks for joining me on another journey in the satisfying quest for 21st Century education knowledge! I invite you to my session at ISTE on Tuesday, July 29 from 1:00 – 3:00 PM. You may have guessed it, I will have free and inexpensive resources to share! Be sure to stop by, I would love to meet you! In the meantime, please follow me on twitter (@mjormans) and at my 21centuryedtech Wiki packed with free resources! Perhaps I will even see you someplace in Classroom 2.0 as there sure are lots of places to be! Have a great week! – Mike

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Alan November’s BLC 10 : A Conference? … More Than A Conference!

In this post I want to share with you one of the most amazing conferences I have ever attended, or presented at. I am sure you are aware of Alan November, an outstanding student centered education leader who advocates for effective educational transformation. Alan is probably best known for challenging educators’ thoughts about what’s possible in the world of teaching and learning  Take a moment and as you read this post, I am sure you will want to make  the trip to Boston, an awesome city, this summer! Have a great week! – Mike

The website  for the BLC10 states  “Get ready to have your brain tickled with ideas from around the world.” I guarantee that not only will your brain be tickled, but your enthusiasm will be ignited, your knowledge will be compounded, and your journey toward effective learning will be empowered.  At BLC10 you will learn and network from representatives all around the world including some of the most prestigious leaders in the field of education. This conference program features hands-on pre-conference workshops, keynotes and over 90 main session workshops, all in an intimate setting allowing for real discussion that will build your learning community.

BLC  first started as a ‘jam session’ of ideas between friends and education colleagues and now in its eleventh year it has grown into something truly special. My first venture to Boston for this conference was the summer of 2009. After completing studies involving administration, supervision, and technology at Johns Hopkins University I had the opportunity to attend and even present at BLC10. Little did I realize what an eye opening experience this would be. It was after this conference that I first started this Blog. While it is still small in scale, reaching about 300 people a day, I still remember the day I decided to start this blog. It was a wonderful presentation at BLC by by Liz Davis and Lisa Thumann that gave me the inspiration. I was also engaged by Benjamin Zander’s startling new perspective on leadership. His  stories, music and concepts allowed me to explore opportunities I had never considered .  As stated in BLC09’s write up , his presentation was not a speech, it was an experience!  Take a look at this list of outstanding speakers and educators that were a part of last year’s conference. It is these people, and others I met, that facilitated my new ventures this year such as  producing an ISTE  Webinar this May 12, participating in enjoyable podcast (mar 4) with Bob Sprankle,  Cheryl Oakes, and Alice Barr at their Seedling’s website, presenting at numerous conferences through out the country.

This year’s world class event which will take place at the Boston Park Plaza Hotel from July 11-16, 2010, has another great line up in store. One of this year’ s Keynotes includes Rahaf Harfous , a New Media Expert and Member of President Barack Obama’s Social Media Team. Harfoush is the author of Yes We Did (2009), a book about the grassroots groundswell inspired by the Obama campaign. She is the Research Coordinator to the critically acclaimed Wikinomics: How Mass Collaboration Changes Everything and a contributor on both Grown Up Digital: How the Net Generation is Changing your World and Everything I Needed to Know About Business I Learned from a Canadian. Another keynote will include  Michael Wesch, an  Assistant Professor of Cultural Anthropology and Digital Ethnography, at Kansas State University in  Manhattan, KS. He has been dubbed “the explainer” by Wired magazine.  Michael Wesch is a cultural anthropologist exploring the effects of new media on society and culture. Wesch has won several major awards for his work, including a Wired Magazine Rave Award, the John Culkin Award for Outstanding Praxis in Media Ecology, and he was recently named an Emerging Explorer by National Geographic. He has also won several teaching awards, including the 2008 CASE/Carnegie U.S. Professor of the Year for Doctoral and Research Universities. Mitchel Resnick, LEGO Professor of Learning Research and head of the Lifelong Kindergarten group at the MIT Media Laborator will be a real treat for educators. Mitchel will explore how new technologies can engage people in creative learning experiences. Resnick’s research group developed the “programmable brick” technology that inspired the LEGO MindStorms robotics kit and the PicoCricket artistic-invention kit. Perhaps my favorite of Resnick’s efforts is the awesome MIT computer program,  Scratch, a big hit with educators and students across the world.  A very special presentation will be made by Adora Svtak. Called a “tiny literary giant” by Diane Sawyer on Good Morning America, Svtak is the world’s youngest teacher and the published author of three books. She explores new technologies and their possibilities in education through her teaching and speaking. Adora’s daily video conferences with students from around the world have earned her Berrien RESA’s “Best Author and Expert” award for distance learning two years in a row.

Make sure you check out this list of great pre-conference workshops from some of the best people in their fields. You may find yourself spending the day in the MIT labs, working with digital photography in Boston, working with Web 2.0 technologies, creating a digital story, or spending the day with Alan November exploring the idea of leadership and managing transitions. It is an awesome line up of workshops so be sure to check out this link of outstanding opportunities. These workshops are all followed the next three days by general sessions presented by some of the very finest. Best of all, there are opportunities that allow you to be part of the conversation, as you build your own learning community.

Take a moment to view the conference information provided. Here, you will find a wealth of information about the BLC10 along with the registration form. Boston is an awesome city to explore, the Boston Park Plaza is a majestic and inviting hotel, the Boston Common is right outside the door, and you will be surrounded by an amazing group of educators  assisting and networking with you as you grow to become a true 21st Century Educator.

I have learned that even after  over 30 years of teaching, I am looking forward to having still another opportunity to professionally grow this summer at BLC10.  Take a moment to look over the conference information and perhaps I will have the opportunity to network and learn from you this summer in Boston. Please feel free to follow on twitter (@mjgormans), I will return the favor and we can learn from each other. You are also invited to subscribe by email or RSS to this Blog, and  also feel free to visit my 21centuryedtech Wiki. In the meantime, take a moment and consider expanding your learning community in Boston this summer at BLC10. Have a wonderful week! – Mike


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Time To Discover… An Exciting Free Spring Virtual Conference!


Welcome to this midweek post filled with information about a special conference that has the power to enrich your learning environment. In this post I want to make you aware of a the Free Spring Virtual Conference brought to you from  the people at Discovery Education, an industry leader in education. The date for this conference  is Saturday, April 24… the time will be 9:00 AM EDT – 4:00 PM  EDT. I have checked the line up,  and I am  certain you will find  sessions that will apply to 21st Century Education. Read On … Mike

Imagine the opportunity to attend sessions on constructing and maintaining professional learning networks, becoming a networked learner, discovering how  digital media and technology can engage and benefit students from all backgrounds, differentiating instruction, solving real problems while composing music, making movies and learning about others  using live video, and exploring how technology has affected women in Iraq. Best of all you can be an engaged conference attendee right form your own home. Perhaps you wish to attend one session, or all of them!  Best of all they are free!

Take a moment to check out this outstanding conference filled with a group of quality and informative presenters. The line up below is slated to start on Saturday, April 24, 2010 at 9:00 AM EDT . You can register at this address.

9:00 AM:  Connections, Conversations, and Collaborations: Creating a Personal Learning Network That Works For You –  DEN Guru Lee Kolbert. Explore online tools where you can reach out to connect and build your own Personal Learning Network (PLN), tailored to your needs. In fact her Geeky Momma’s Blog recently won a Top 50 Innovative Educators Award,  an award I also received  for my blog  After looking at her highly engaging and informative Blog,  I am excited to see her presentation.

10:00 AM:  Homework Gone Digital – Discovery Education’s Matt Monjan will share  how to differentiate your instruction and connect with your students using the Discovery Education Student Center.

11:00 AM: When You’re Not the Smartest Person in the Room. – Dean Shareski will make the case that everyone needs to be a networked learner.

12:00 PM: Cell Phones, Internet and Oprah:  How the US Presence in Iraq Has Affected Women’s Lives – an interesting journey with  Christina Asquith,  author of the brilliant and extraordinary book  “Sisters in War: A Story of Love, Family and Survival in the New Iraq”. Check out these excellent reviews.

1:00 PM: Connecting Language Learners to the Curriculum through Digital Media – Discovery Education’s  Lindsay Hopkins will explore Discovery Education through the lens of Language Learners and see how digital media and technology can engage and benefit students from all backgrounds.

2:00 PM:  Rock OUR WorldDEN STAR Carol Anne McGuire will Rock OUR World by sharing how K-12 students have rocked their world by solving real problems while composing music, making movies and learning about each other in live video conferences.

3:00 PM: DEN in Ten –  DEN’s Lance Rougeux will close the day with an overview of  all of the benefits the DEN offers and take a look at the many events planned for 2010.

Reminder that along with virtual attendance via the internet, there will also be physical locations. Check this link for locations and further information.  Remember, the entire conference is free…  but I guarantee it will be rich in information!  Thanks for joining me on this midweek post. As always, feel free to follow me on twitter at (@mjgormans). Also please take a moment to subscribe to this blog by email or RSS. You are also invited to visit my 21centuryedtech Wiki!  Have a wonderful weekend and hope to see you online! – Mike

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The K12 Online Conference – More Then Two Weeks Of Free PD – You Set The Pace!

The K12 Online Conference , with this years theme “Bridging the Divide” is an exciting way to network and facilitate your own professional development.  The conference is free and  includes the weeks of, December 7-11 and December 14-17,  encompassing over fifty presentations. This is a conference  filled with innovative ways  to use Web 2.0 , reflect on best practices, and  learn about technologies that can be used to facilitate 21st century learning. Events and their  scheduled times  are posted ,and as an added extra, they all remain on-line to serve as an archive. In fact, an archives’ page  serves as an outstanding  permanent resouce and  includes over 122 presentations from 20082007, and 2006 . Check out and join  the conference Ning to interact, and read the  conference blog  for good information. The conference wiki is a great place to get started. All of these serve as a place to  view, download, and discuss ideas from the conference. There are  also three live events presented as  “Fireside Chats” and they  are listed on the events page of the conference Ning and Facebook fan page. Live events will  even continue in 2010 through twice-monthly “K-12 Online Echo” webcasts on EdTechTalk. You can also follow the K12 Online Conference on Twitter and Facebook!  There is a great first timers page that provides some helpful information on how to get the most out of this conference. For those interested in PD credit , there is a page  that can give you more information. You can even make  one or more of the presentations a school professional development event. Get together with colleagues to view the conference sessions and discuss.  There is sure to be a session that fits your  interests and school ‘s goals. Remember, the conference and all past conferences  are mostly asynchronous (not happening in real time), so you can catch up with the conference at anytime using the archives. I have included a link to different PDF files that can be printed or emailed (select the one for your time zone). Make sure you check this out and I hope to see you on the Ning! – Mike

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It’s not the Technology. It’s the Culture of Learning!


I have the honor of joining a panel discussion and presenting at the CELL educational transformation conference in Indianapolis on November 16 and 17. I will be blogging about the unique and innovative concepts talked about at this conference.  This posting reflects on my first formal experience with PBL two years ago as I encountered educators and students at the New Tech High Schools in Napa Valley and Sacramento, California. I have included links that showcase some outstanding videos on PBL and links to help you reflect. There is no way I can really relate the experience other than reiterating – it’s not the technology! I hope you enjoy my reflections and explore some of the links. Thanks for joining me once again and always feel free to join me at the 21centuryedtech Wiki. –  Mike

This week I will be attending and speaking at the CELL (Center of Excellence in  Leadership and Learning) Conference in Indianapolis, Indiana. The theme of the conference involves facilitating a collective initative by all educational stakeholders that is necessary as they face the challenge of finding tomorrow’s opportunities for today’s students. This conference will attract nearly one thousand diverse individuals over a two day period (Nov 16-17) in downtown Indianapolis. It is  sponsored  by CELL which is located at the University of Indianapolis. CELL’s efforts are rooted in the vision that all students, regardless of background, should graduate from high school prepared for postsecondary education, training, and success in the 21st-Century global economy. With primary funding from the Lilly Endowment Inc., CELL has leveraged resources to unite schools, communities and businesses to make substantial, sustainable, statewide education change to improve academic success for students.

My first encounter with CELL occured when I was investigating the  New Tech Network , an organization which initally started in 1996 as the New Tech High School of Napa Valley, California. It later partnered with the Gates Foundation and set out on a mission to replicate the Napa pilot throughout the nation. There are now 41 schools located in nine states serving over 8500 students across the nation. New Tech states that its goal is to “help schools fundamentally rethink teaching and learning, empowering students to become the creators, leaders, and producers of tomorrow.”  New Tech incoporates three key concepts. First they promote  “a new instructional approach that engages learners”. New Tech incorporates project-based learning (PBL) as the center of the instructional approach. PBL is facilitated by  technology and student inquiry to engage learners with issues and questions that are relevant. Teachers design rigorous projects tied to state standards and customized to local community and student interests. Students collaborate in teams to acquire and apply knowledge and skills to solve problems.  Next, ” New Tech builds “a culture that empowers students and teachers”. It is trust, respect, and responsibility that become the center of the learning culture.  Students are put in charge of their own learning, becoming self-directed learners, while teachers are given the administrative support and resources to assist students in this realization. Last, New Tech maintains that “integrated use of technology”  is essential for 21st Century education. In a New Tech school the smart  use of technology supports an innovative emphasis promoting unique instruction and a powerful classroom culture. Take a moment to view these videos  found on the New Tech site involving  small school projects and learning through projects. It will help you get a better understanding of project based learning at New Tech. These videos  could be used as a great conversation starter with educators contemplating the use of project based learning in any school or district. 

When making that first trip to New Tech almost two years ago, I was prepared to walk into a building where technology was at the center, driving a powerful and cutting edge learning atmosphere. It didn’t take long for me to realize that technology was not the center, the students really were. New Tech created a powerful learning  culture with students owning and directing their education and the shared learning community. Problem solving, intrinsic  motivation, collaboration, and engagement were all central themes. Technology was a somewhat invisible, yet powerful force, facilitating a synergistic environment. It was amazing to hear high school students talk with the same pride and enthusiasm for their school  and learning as one might often hear in a first grade classroom. I left both Napa and Sacramento with a new belief in PBL and technology  integration, along with a real appreciation for positive and powerful student centered learning communities. If you live near a New Tech school, it is worth taking the time to visit.

Since that visit, I have become more aware of the outstanding efforts that CELL is making. Their New Tech facilitation in Indiana is just one of many outstanding services provided by CELL. The CELL web site is  filled with outstanding reflections  and research, such as an interesting  study on impact of PBL  and student achievement. I am excited to share with you in future postings  new ideas I aquire at CELL’s conference as I investigate sessions covering  STEM education, project based learning and problem based learning, 20th Century vs. 21st Century skills, community partnerships, early college, and successful transformational techniques.  I am sure that speakers such as  Uri Treisman from the the University of Texas at Austin, Michael McDowell from the New Tech Network, Tom Carroll, president of the National Commision on Teaching and America’s Future, Ken Kay, president of the Partnership For Twenty-first Century Skills, and Brad Jupp from the US Department of Education will provide much to reflect on.  I also have the honor of  contributing to a panel discussion on project based learning in the middle school and presenting a session on resources for project based learning. If you happen to be at the conference, please stop by and say hello.

In conclusion, there should be more initative toward school cultures that promote student centered learning and project based learning . While New Tech has made some inroads at the high school level, initatives at all levels is still lacking and needs to be pursued. I invite you to join my 21centuryedtech Wiki and learn about resources and programs available to students and teachers to promote 21st Century learning. I am sure that CELL will reinforce the important message I heard at NMSA last week. It really isn’t the technology, it is the culture that puts students in the center of learning.-


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I’ve Spent My Life In The Middle And There Is Not A Better Place To Be


I have filled this posting with some great information, including a new site from the people at the census, a contest in the fine arts, and a free online curriculum about the wise use of money. This is the first of a two part blog as I network and learn at the national Middle School Conference in Indianapolis. The content I provide will cover all levels, so read on! – Mike

I have been trying to determine a way to include the National Middle School Conference – Making A World Of Difference  in this week’s 21stcenturyedtech Blog. I have the honor of presenting at this conference and  I am already  contemplating speaking at a conference that is not totally dedicated to educational technology. I know I should feel comfortable because I have had a long lasting relationship with the middle. I am well into my own middle age, I was born in the middle class, as a middle child. I have taught middle grades for over thirty years in Fort Wayne, Indiana which can be considered middle America. I will travel one hundred miles south to Indianapolis, which is in the middle of the state, and join nearly seven thousand other middle level educators as we approach the middle of another school year.

I know the experience will be far from middle. Still, I have many questions as I prepare to network with others in the middle. Will I find out that they don’t tweet? That’s really alright because I have been slow on the twitter. Will I be NINGless? I don’t think so because I have already found a great NMSA Conference Connection Page. I know both sides of my brain will be challenged as I listen to Daniel Pink discuss the half of the brain that will conquer the world. As I dig deeper into the program I discover that Alan November will be part of a spotlight session that highlights the NMSA Technology Day!  In fact, Will Dagget will bring great comfort as he discusses rigour, relevancy, and relationships. Hold on,  Rick Wormeli will be speaking about a journey into the non-linear fourth dimension. Wow, I am really starting to feel comfortable! As I look through the concurrent sessions I am seeing terms such as UDL, differentiation, 21st century skills, and multiple references to the word technology.  A glance at the main conference web page reveals an awesome reference to the National Middle School 21st Century Classroom!  I even noticed my session  entiltled  21st Century Project Based Learning – No Cost and Low Cost Investments with Rich Results for Students. I am really starting to feel comfortable since I note my wife Jane will co-present with me.  But wait,  it is not on Tech Saturday, instead it is on Friday! Presenting on a different day than Tech Day  really is alright with me since it is, after all, on the middle day of the conference. If you happen to be at the conference please stop by Friday at 2:00 PM and meet me in the middle! I am sure that this will be a conference that puts students in the middle of their learning with the facilitation of technology way above the middle.

I will be publishing my next Blog from  the NMSA09 Conference in Indianapolis. It is my intention to share best educational practices highlighted at this year’s conference. I thought I would give a quick preview by sharing some awesome information found on the National Middle School Asociation Main Home  Page. This is information that can be used at any level. To start off, take a look at the new Census In Schools Page. You will find a population counter with links for teachers, elementary kids, and teens! On the teacher page you will find a wealth of activities and lesson plans! I was amazed at the sixty second radio shows highlighting each day of the year! How about a set of 22 maps  highlighting the geographical distributional changes in the US from 1790 until 2000. Perhaps you will enjoy the lessons provided for grades k-12. For elementary kids there is a great Flash Web Site filled with fun activities. The teen site has great state facts, engaging activities, and statistics that relate educational attaintment and income. There is also material for schools and the facts for feature area provides a wealth of data for those wanting to create relevant graphing and charting opportunities.

Do you have any students interested in  the Arts? The National Middle School Association is  calling for the submission of original student artwork in the online publication Expressions from the Middle and on a poster that will be sent to more than 25,000 people worldwide. Students choose their favorite type of media to work with including oils, watercolors, charcoal, colored pencils, sculpture, computer generated graphics, or multimedia. View past years winning entries of this highly engaging contest. You will note as you look through the different years that there is not just art work, but also Podcasts; cool!

Looking for a multi-curricular unit on finances, money, and economical survival with great resources and activities? Talk about timeliness and relevance! Then check out Saving Our Futures: A Financial Responsibility Program for Young People It is an exciting online curriculum teaching young people in middle and high school  financial responsibility. It also advocates for smarter money management in the home, communitiy and government. It was developed by the Academy for Educational Development for the America’s Promise Alliance. This specific curriculum was written to be integrated with the documentary film I.O.U.S.A. Best of all it is free! What I have included is just a small sample of what can be found on the main homepage of the National Middle School Association.

Please join me for my next posting from NMSA09 in Indianapolis. If you happen to be at the conference feel free to attend my session on Friday at 2:00 PM entitled  21st Century Project Based Learning – No Cost and Low Cost Investments with Rich Results for Students. If you can’t make it to Indianapolis please join me at the 21centuryedtech Wiki filled with even more information regarding 21st Century Learning!



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