Day One …. STEMbl: Building a Foundation

Part 1 Introduction and Activation (30 minutes)

  • Welcome… Norms ( Open Minded… Focused…. Collaborative… Constructive… Productive)
  • Workshop Papers
  • Deliverable(s)
  • Lab 1 A: Go to website … https://kahoot.it  Enter Game pin from Workshop (Quick Win)
  • Lab 1 B: IQ (Investigative Question) – How can we as educators provide an authentic learning experience based on STEM and Project Based Learning allowing students to be at the center of their learning?

Discuss in small group and then add to the Google Doc Link provided. Already see a question your group had… highlight it and make it one font larger. Get ready for a discussion on our Need To Know List

Part 2 Definitions (30 minutes)

  • Examining the definitions of BL’s, STEM,  Blended Technology,  PBL
  • PBL (Project Based Learning) vs LBP (Learning Before Projects)
  • PDF Download
  • Lab 1C:  Look at the below example… as a group of three come up with your own poster metaphor: PBL is:

The play and not the encore
Meal and not the dessert
Cake and not the frosting

Part 3 What is STEMbl (60 minutes)

  • Lab 1D: Owning the Lecture – Download the ABC article and work with group to:
  • Download ABC Article

Read your groups portion of article assigned
Discuss in group
Go to the ABC’s Of STEMbl Google Drive Workshop Sites to create your groups portion of  the group lecture.(Google Link)
Work as a group to create a 2 – 4 minute presentation for group.
Presentations will be part of the lecture (Quick Win… Google Drive)

  • Lab 1E: The ABC’s of Current and Future Practices

Use the ABC Building Blocks Worksheet for the following activity. . (Download ABC Sheet)
Discuss: What Building Blocks and Elements from the ABC Sheet do you currently consistently  practice
Write Down: What ones would you like to expand on Individually
1. Underline current consistent practice            

2. Circle elements to expand on
3. Then talk at table and be ready to share out from groups.

Part 4 STEMbl is a Process (15 Minutes)

  • Stembl is: Made Up of: 

The ABC’s, Time Flexible (Time = Content), Promotes affective culture, Collaboration is Prime, Individual Work is essential
STEMbl is also combines old and new and the project is made up of numerous products and a final products
STEMbl is a journey… (Download the STEMbl Journey Notes)

  • Lab 1F: Products, Process, and ABC’s

Look for Products and ABC’s in Video with a partner. (Use the ABC Sheet or download here)
1. What Building Blocks and Elements… do you see in the project?
2. While the whole video is a project overview… what products do you see.

Part 5 The Project Idea Part One Introduction  (30 minutes)

  • Borrow, Retrofit, Innovate (learning from the penguins)
  • Project Length Considerations = (standards, content, connections, process, blended experience, inquiry, collaboration, lessons, assessment)
  • Do standards fit project or project fits standards?
  • Endless Inquiry

Part 6  The Project Idea Part Two Brainstorm and Idea (60 minutes)

  • Lab 1G  Authenticity

1. In your group individually read the blog by Dayna Laur on Authentic Learning  (Link)
2. Individually pick out five main points to share with group
3. Share in group
4. Design an authentic poster a group consensus five main points and a brainstorm of local possibilities
5. Talk at table and be ready to share out from groups.Looking for Authenticity

  • Are there local and meaningful connections?

Are there other subject connections?
Does the project provide real purpose?
Does it answer… why are we doing this?
Is it relevant to students where they are at?
Are audience and mentors authentic?
Will it make a difference?

  • Lab 1H Sandbox and Development of Idea

Take a moment to look at possibilities using websites supplied
Begin to decide what your PBL Study will be.
Links for Project Ideas

Part 7  Endless Inquiry (45 minutes)

  • Lab 1I NTK Need To Know

1. Think of a famous mathematician, scientist, or inventor. In fact, take a break from STEM and think of a book or movie character. Possibly someone famous in history
2. Now go to Akinator. (http://en.akinator.com/)  Experience its need to know… and then let’s talk.

1. Use the IQ Lab Sheet to begin to refine, check off major points, and develop what you think will be student NTK
2. Share with another person
3. Continue to Refine
4. Check online for good IQ’s

Part 8 Workshop Time… Building the STEMbl Foundation
Lab 1K STEMbl Foundation
1. Fill out STEMbl Foundation Worksheet (STEMbl Foundation Planning Document)
2. Enter info on Google Drive from worksheet … Use link and project number assigned to your group (Drive Link)
Example of Foundation Google Drive Template
3. Get ready for peer critique

Part 9 Google Slide Reflection (40 minutes)
Protocol: Digital Google Slide Reflection Walk … Follow prompt on slide (Google Slider 5 W Protocol Document)
1. Protocols
2. Work Time
3. Reflect and organize time

Part 10 Reflection and Closure (10 minutes)

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