Part 2: Digital Citizenship Education… Over 20 Essential Resources


Welcome to post number two in a series that examines the importance of facilitating digital citizenship with today’s students. First, to ensure you do not miss one of these valuable posts or other resources covering PBL, Digital Curriculum, Web 2.0, STEM, 21st century learning, and technology integration, please sign up for 21centuryedtech by email or RSS.  As always,  I invite you to follow me on twitter (@mjgormans). Please give this post a retweet and pass it on. Have a great week – Michael Gorman (21centuryedtech)

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Part 2: Digital Citizenship Education… Over 20 Essential Resources  (

As I shared in the last post, in the last year I have been working toward building up our district e-curriculum.  The more I researched and implemented the more I discovered how  important it is to provide classroom educators and students with resources regarding proper learning and citizenship on the internet. This really is essential to the success of any e-learning, blended learning, and on-line learning program. In the last post I shared ten resources (visit that post), and as promised I have ten more to share with you in this article. Remember to sign up today and please give this post a retweet. It will definitely help someone in your Professional Learning Community. Please enjoy exploring these resources and be ready for more reflection, resources, and ideas to support academics in the e-learning environment in future posts.

Media Smarts – 
MediaSmarts is a Canadian not-for-profit charitable organization for digital and media literacy. The organizations vision is that children and youth must have the critical thinking skills to engage with media as active and informed digital citizens. To achieve this goal they have developed and delivered high-quality digital and media literacy resources; provide leadership in advancing digital and media literacy in schools, homes and communities; and contribute to the development of informed public policy on issues related to the media. This website will bring educators to a wonderful data base of searchable lessons.

Join The © Team 
Join the © Team! (pronounced see-team) is a comprehensive educational program that introduces the concept of intellectual property to students in grades K-5 through hands-on activities that enable them to discover the natural connection between copyright and creativity. This website for teachers, librarians, and parents provides links to all components of the Join the © Team! program, along with background information and additional resources. Join the ©Team! is made possible by the Entertainment Software Association, which serves the business and public affairs needs of companies that publish video and computer games for video game consoles, handheld devices, personal computers, and the Internet. To learn more about the ESA, visit their website at

Understanding You Tube and Digital Citizenship
YouTube has devised an interactive curriculum aimed to support teachers of secondary students (approximately ages 13-17). The curriculum helps educate students on topics like: YouTube’s policies. How to report content on YouTube. How to protect their privacy online. How to be responsible YouTube community members. How to be responsible digital citizens. It is the purpose of this site to help  students and educators gain useful skills and a holistic understanding about responsible digital citizenship, not only on YouTube, but in all online activity.

The Digizen website provides information for educators, parents, careers, and young people. It is used to strengthen their awareness and understanding of what digital citizenship is and encourages users of technology to be and become responsible Digital Citizens. It shares specific advice and resources on issues such as social networking and cyber-bullying and how these relate to and affect their own and other people’s online experiences and behaviors

Cable in the Classroom
This site explains how Digital Citizenship is a holistic and positive approach to helping children learn how to be safe and secure, as well as smart and effective participants in a digital world. That means helping them understand their rights and responsibilities while recognizing the benefits and risks, and realize the personal and ethical implications of their actions. Helping a child become good digital citizen cuts across all curricular disciplines and includes knowledge, awareness, and skills in three key areas. Learn about those areas when you visit.

Brain Pop Junior
Founded in 1999, Brain POP creates animated, curricular content that engages students, supports educators, and bolsters achievement. While Brain Pop has paid subscriptions, it also features some free resources. This link showcases some elementary free resources on digital citizenship.

The Teaching Channel 
You will need to sign up for a free subscription. After that you can explore bountiful resource videos along with other subject area videos that may interest you. This is worth the time to both support digital citizenship and your own classroom content. Note that there is some amazing content from Common Sense Media

Digital Citizenship 5 Minute Film Festival
Take a look at this wonderful collection of digital citizenship films on this YouTube Channel. You may find one that can be used either in PD, for parents, or for a classroom. How might you construct an activity around it?

Born Digital Video Anthology 
 This website was created In collaboration with the Youth and Media project and the Berkman Center’s digital media producer. You will discover that Berkman Center summer interns have created a set of videos inspired by each chapter of John Palfrey and Urs Gasser’s book Born Digital ( . Small teams of interns formed video interpretations and presentations from out of their own perspectives and experiences, as well as the ways in which the topic intersected with their primary Berkman Projects.

Pinterest Digital Citizenship
Edutopia has teamed up with Common Sense Media to compile some of the best resources for parents, teachers and administrators to guide students to become positive digital citizens and leaders. Enjoy these great pins and be sure to keep track of time… there are so many possibilities… time just might become unpinned!

Thanks for joining me on this wonderful journey of 21st century resources.  Join me in future weeks as together we continue to explore several more posts devoted to the Flipped Classrooms, Project Based Learning, Assessing 21st century skills, technology integration, web resources, and digital literacy.  I enjoy learning from all of you. Also, remember to subscribe to this blog by RSS or email and follow me on twitter at mjgormans.  I also appreciate your sharing of this post and any retweets. Keep  up the amazing work,  have a great week, and enjoy the resources! – Mike Gorman

Booking Info – Are you looking for a practical and affordable professional development workshop for your school or conference?  I have traveled the country delivering PD relating to technology integration, PBL, STEM, Digital Literacy, and the 4 C’s. I have done 100′s of workshops and presentations.  Check out my Booking Page… Those 2014 dates are going fast.


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