Writing Adviser – Free Literacy Tool for Formative Writing Assessment


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Free Writing Reviser from SAS Curriculum Pathways

Writing Reviser – Check out this free writing adviser that students can use to get instant feedback on their writing. Students can type in the tool itself or upload a document. Awesome formative tool. Students are  allowed  to focus on their purpose and audience, essay structure, and use of written language (sentence economy, variety, power, and clarity). You will see your students learning to ask questions experienced writers ask automatically. As a result, you’ll see your students express themselves with greater precision and power. Best of all it is free. You will need an account set up to use this amazing tool, and then you can also enroll your students. As always check your AUP and Terms of Use. I was amazed at the results that it gave me in my own writing. SAS Curriculum Pathways has hundreds of other resources you may wish to explore… this tool is a great start!

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