20 Possible Future Educational Headlines… Just For Fun … Happy New Year!


I took a moment to read through my predictions for education for the last several years and want to share some of my very favorites.  While I am not suggesting any of them will become a reality, it is always exciting to dream, imagine, and even have a little enjoyment! I also thank all those companies named in fun… for all the amazing things they do for education. I wish all of you the very best as you enter a New Year! Keep up the great work in our schools, you really are the best! Please take a moment to subscribe by email or RSS and also give me a follow on Twitter at mjgormans. Also, please take a moment to subscribe to this post by email or RSS. I promise you will find some great information coming your way in the New Year…So Sign Up Now!  By the way, If you happen to think of a headline, please share with all of us! Have a wonderful New Year! – Mike Gorman (https://21centuryedtech.wordpress.com

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1. Race To The Top Is Renamed “Meet Us At The Top”…  Finally No State Is Left Behind! – While  racing to the top has its admirable qualities… it still leaves some states behind. National government gets wise and combines the best of two programs while dumping the worst. Still… have legislatures considered the entire world? Where exactly is the top?

2. Amount Of Information Surpasses a Googal : Google Considers New Name – IBM predicted that by 2010 the amount of information would double every eleven hours. At that pace a googal may actually be small in the near future. Is that why Google came out with a new tool called Google Squared?

3. New Brain Research Reveals That The Left And Right Brain  Work Together As One Brain – OK, Daniel Pink has already revealed a whole new mind. Educators must find ways to teach and enhance both hemispheres. After all, we have always known that we  need two halves to make a whole. Right?

4. Educators Learn Christopher Columbus Was Wrong, The World Is Flat : How Do Schools Tell The Kids? – It’s about time  that educators not only learn this lesson that the business sector has long been stuggling with. It is also time to teach the kids more about this new economic model of the twenty-first century

5. Teachers Forced To Rewrite Web Literacy Curriculum After Legitimate Discovery Of The Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus – It would just be fun to see one of those fake sites actually become a reality. I chose the Tree Octopus because I am not sure if cats and bearded men will ever find a resolution, whales may consume to much of Lake Michigan’s habitat, and dihydrogen monoxide still makes me laugh!

6. Apple Invents Wireless Electricity Called iVolt… Adobe Charges It Will Not Work with Flash – Who ever thought that Apple was no longer an innovator? The solution has finally come for schools that only have one AC outlet in the classroom. Electricity sent through the wireless internet connection means no wires and no batteries. Adobe has stated that use of iVolt will cause its Flash product to  go into unFlash mode while General Motors has filed a trademark complaint.

7. Google Develops Method To Literally Store All the World’s Knowledge in the Real Clouds – Through the use of Apple’s new iVolt, Google has discovered a way to use clouds to store data. Google has stated that use of clouds will be free using the improved Chromebook. States and countries in the Sunbelt fear this could rain on their economy while Microsoft files an antitrust suit claiming that all clouds should be in clear view of everyone’s Windows.

8. A Day To Be Remembered … Both Political Parties Agree To Double the Education Budget – It was one of the coldest days recorded in Washington DC, while, over a cup of tea, both Republicans and Democrats signed this agreement as a new law.  The new bill came shortly after passage of another signing decreeing the acknowledgment of a recent discovery of a new species… pigs with wings. Both sides agreed that one more stakeholder can now “Meet Us At The Top”

9. The Textbook Makes One Last Stand… What Will You Do When the Lights Go Out? – A major paper based textbook manufacturer has put together a publicity campaign suggesting that learning will be difficult during a power outage if schools convert to a digital curriculum. While admitting that a digital curriculum is more up-to-date and engaging, the manufacturer stated, “During a recent power outage students at Transformationless High School were still able to read important information regarding the planet Pluto for an upcoming standardized test”. Apple issued a press release touting its iVolt!  

10. Introducing the US TEST … A Standardized Test That Is Seamless, Transparent, And Powerful – A unique standardized test has been revealed to educators. The US TEST (Unstandardized Test) could be the mechanism that allows all students to succeed.  The key to this remarkable instrument is to first throw out all standardized tests and then institute the US TEST. During testing time, students are allowed to learn, collaborate, communicate, develop critical thinking skills, and think creatively! Teachers and students assess in a formative manner. In order to be most effective, extend this test time to the rest of the school day. Since US TEST is free and open source, Congress could double the current money going to the nation’s classrooms. The motto for US TEST is proclaimed, “Meet Us At The Top”

11. New Task Force to Focus on Pre-21st Century Skills While 22ndCentury Group Takes Note – While the Pre-21st Century Task Force recognizes the importance of many of the 21st century skills, they state there must be new emphasis on pre-21st century skills. These are skills that seem to be disappearing and need new emphasis. They include, but are not limited to, respect, courtesy, civic virtue, focus, restraint, and moments to just stop and appreciate. They even suggest there could be virtue in turning off the technology and talking to a real person every once in a while. While the 21stcentury group discussed implementing this in a virtual setting, the even newer 22nd century group demanded that schools teach skills that have not yet been thought of.

12. New Student Response System (HBRS) Conceived… And Could Replace Clickers – While acknowledging that student response systems, more affectionately for simplicity’s sake known as “clickers”, have their place, another method could be equally as effective. Known as HBRS (Human Biological Response System), this ingenious method could vastly improve the classroom of tomorrow. Proponents’ indicate that its key ingredients  allow students and teachers to communicate, collaborate, and reflect both in person and using digital resources. In fact, both teachers and students can practice different styles of formative assessment possibly allowing both to understand progress, intervention, and needs. After all… what if the lights go out?

13. All States Agree On The First Common Core Standard… Implementation Should Be Fruitful – Some thought it couldn’t be done, but history was made when the very first Common Core Standard was agreed upon by state educators. It was decided that core standard 1.1 would state that all students realize that an apple contains a core that can be measured and that can be assessed. OK, I had to dig pretty deep in the bushel for that one! It was learned that Apple has decided to apply for a trademark for common core (will not be visible in Flash) and Microsoft has claimed an antitrust.

14. Internet Filter Companies Declare Bankruptcy As School Officials Learn That Blocking Internet Content May Also Be Blocking 21st Century Learning  While there needs to be a practice that protects children as they use the internet, many schools have bent over backwards trying to make the collaborative environment all but impossible for students and teachers.

15. A Major School District Introduces A Unique 1 + 1 Initiative… Claims That By Graduation, All Students Will Understand That The Sum Of 1+1 Is 2 – Wow, finally an objective that is easy to test on a multiple choice exam, although the article went on to state that students could not use computers for the final test.

16. New Government Energy Study Finds That Educational Textbooks Could Be Useful As A Major Source Of Fossil Fuels – Finally an amazing plan that suggests that our vast supply of textbooks are useful after all, and could lead to energy independence. It was stated later in the article that student backpack manufacturers will lobby against this effort.

17. Google Unveils New Mapping Program, Google Universe… Claims It Still Needs Room To Grow After This! – I really did think that the word Googal had a limit. Isn’t it something like the digit 1 followed by 100 zeros. Maybe that’s why they spelled it Google instead of Googal!  I am glad that Google has set no limits on its education efforts!

18. Department Of Education Along With Major Universities Make A Recall On All Educational Acronyms… New Workshops On Creating One Page Memos To Be Initiated – Just when I thought we were saving paper. This will not be a good sign for text messaging. It is also unusual to think that POOE (People Outside Of Education) may finally know what educators are talking about.  Or will they? Stationery companies claim to be happy! Briefcase manufacturers, the ones that used to make student backpacks, also have smiles on their faces! LOL!

19. The Number One Education App Already Available In Every Classroom – The number one education App was selected by multitudes of students, and those who had ever been students. Unfortunately, this App is not available in the Droid Market Place or the Apple App Store. The App can only be found in classrooms across the country. It is of course… our teachers.  No amount of electricity, technology, internet, or ones and zeros could ever match the effectiveness that a real teacher brings to education. This article sends out big word of appreciation to all those dedicated and amazing educators across the world. Thank you!

I have included one last headline below. It is one that I will make sure is posted every year!

20. World Wide Effort Placing Education  And Children As Top Priority Results In  Movement Toward “Peace On Earth  Not only does this effort result in world peace, but health, energy, environment, food, and poverty are also addressed!  No further editorial needed!

Thanks for joining in a posting that I hope brought a smile to your face. Together, as educators, we must continue to work together to bring to our students an education that is engaging, relevant, and intrinsic! Continue to visit and take a moment to comment. Please accept my invitation to subscribe by RSS or email! I promise some great posts in the coming year. Take a moment to share this post with others through an email or retweet and also give me a follow on Twitter at mjgormans. Thank you for your kind words both at this blog and at my presentations and webinars! May the New Year be filled with both personal and professional growth and satisfaction!  Wishing You A Very Happy New Year – Mike Gorman (https://21centuryedtech.wordpress.com)


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