It’ True!: I Teach Because I Can’t Do Anything Else!

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It’ True!: I Teach Because I Can’t Do Anything Else! – Michael Gorman


Ok, so it’s true! I have spent nearly thirty-five years teaching and in education because I cannot do anything else! In fact, while I travel around the country providing professional development involving all sorts of exciting educational possibilities I also still work at my school district providing learning experiences for students and educators. The idea of not being able to do anything else actually is something I have recently learned,  something I did not know  when I  presented my very first classroom lesson! I actually  began my undergraduate career in the College of Business with an eye on marketing. In the early stages of my teaching career I became licensed to sell securities with the idea of becoming rich!  Little did I know that because I could only teach, I would find richness beyond monetary wealth! I dedicate this list of reasons to all of those great educators who teach, because they cannot do anything else! Again please retweet and share with all of our colleagues that really can’t do anything else!

The List

I can’t be a banker or work in the financial business because while I might enjoy counting money and financial growth, I would rather count and measure the success of my students.

I can’t be a doctor or dentist because because while I enjoy seeing people smile as they leave and are healed, I get even more satisfaction if I see a smile when they first sit down.

I can’t be a professional athlete because while I do enjoy competition, I get even more satisfaction coaching young people to play each game with honor, integrity, and respect.

I can’t be a computer programmer because while creating new digital applications is exciting, finding ways to integrate technology to inspire real learning is rewarding.

I can’t work in agriculture or landscaping because while supplying food and natural beauty is appreciated by all, I enjoy planting seeds of life-long learning knowing that it will nourish one’s life.

I can’t work as a cook or chef because while I appreciate the art in a great meal, I most enjoy finding just the right ingredients that allow for a child’s success.

I can’t work in sales or marketing because even though I have learned from their great people skills, I would rather sell students on their abilities and possibilities.

I can’t be a pilot even though I appreciate them as I travel to new places, as I would rather facilitate young people as they climb in altitude and arrive at new destinations.

I can’t be an artist despite my appreciation for the beauty they bring,as I have found that my art is the ability to inspire and nurture children as they discover their innate abilities.

I can’t be a scientist or inventor because, while I am aware of the great advances they bring, I wish to create  innovative learning experiences that always end in success.

I could go on and on! As you can see, I really do appreciate all of the other professions and realize there are so many more I can’t do. After all, as teachers we really are preparing students for what they will do best in the world. Possibly in the future those we teach will not be able to do anything else, because we have assisted them them in becoming the very best at what they do!  As I continue my journey I have expanded my teaching horizon and understand that genuine educators, whether they be teachers, administrators, or educational leaders, continue to teach and inspire others, because they really can’t do anything else.

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6 responses to “It’ True!: I Teach Because I Can’t Do Anything Else!

  1. This is such an awesome post! I too was heading towards the business route, before I caved to learn a subject that would allow me to teach. Even after I graduated I initially pursued business ventures, and it wasn’t until I kept hearing it everywhere that I finally decided to pursue teaching (something I wanted to do since I was 8 yrs. old, but didn’t because of all the nasty things I saw during grades 8-12). This was even after I taught a high school class as part of an internship and thought it was one of the most amazing things I did. I can be a bit stubborn.
    During my first 3 weeks of teaching I would smile so much after school that my mouth hurt. Anytime someone asked me what I did I exploded into how much I loved teaching. I couldn’t imagine that I would ever like a job as much as I do teaching.
    Thank you for your great post flipping the typically derogatory phrase, and honoring those that have the hardest, but greatest job in the world (in my opinion of course.)

  2. This is a great idea for a post and extremely motivating. As someone involved in ed tech, I love this one the most:

    “I can’t be a computer programmer because while creating new digital applications is exciting, finding ways to integrate technology to inspire real learning is rewarding.”

    Great job on the post, I will be sharing this with my colleagues for sure.

  3. What a powerful statement. This speaks deeply to the reasons why, even when not directly in the classroom, people who are teachers in their spirit, can never deny themselves as such.

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