Amazing Blogs, Tweets To Follow, 365 Global Educators To Visit… Plus Free Education Tools

Welcome to a post that gives you the opportunity to expand your PLN by  meeting and networking with 365 global educators, and allows you to discover thousands of free web resources, lessons, tutorials, and activities. Please take a moment to subscribe by email or RSS and also give me a follow on Twitter at mjgormans.  I promise you will find some great information coming your way through out the school year. In fact, get ready for new articles on PBL, STEM, and a continuation of by Word Cloud Series that included “108 Ways to Use Wordle in the Classroom. Again, take a moment to share and retweet this article. Your effort is appreciated… Please enjoy your Daily Edventure – Mike Gorman (

Expand Your Learning Community Networking With These 365 Educators

Imagine having the opportunities to meet 365 educators from around the world. Better yet you have the opportunity to view their Blogs, discover their Tweets, and learn from their Stories.  You can take this engaging journey by visiting an  informative site dedicated to providing you access to 365 educators from around the world.  Daily Edventures was started last January 1, 2012 by Anthony Salcito, vice president of education for Microsoft Corp.’s Worldwide Public Sector organization. His year long mission for 2012… highlight everyday educators across the globe. Anthony states,

“Throughout 2012, I hope to illuminate the everyday heroes who work to improve education. I have chosen 365 of these advocates for education to give us a glimpse into their worlds. What inspires them, what frustrates them, what hopes do they hold for the future of education? While their challenges may be local, it’s very likely that their solutions have global importance.  What works in one school in Bangkok could also work in a tiny classroom in sub-Saharan Africa.  And our aspirations for our kids are the same, no matter where we live.  Parents, teachers, and administrators – we all want our kids to succeed. What’s more, in the connected world we live in today, no educator needs to work in isolation. Collectively, we can share what is working, talk about it, and help lead the way to a better future for our children.”

When visiting the Daily Edventures home page you will discover  some short critiques of the most recent educators featured. You can then scroll down the page to see more educators.  As you view the website you will notice the worldwide emphasis which is evident through the display of a  map with each entry. Take a moment to click on the more link on any entry. Here you will discover the ideas, thoughts, reflections, and dreams of each educator. It is amazing to discover that across the globe we share such common thought and vision. Best of all, you will find blogs to follow along with amazing books, writings and videos. You can even grow your Personal Learning Community by following those you wish to network with on Twitter.

Keep Discovering

It wasn’t until I clicked on the Map Menu that I truly realized the global reach of the project. It really does stretch across the world with an inclusion of every continent. Click on any of the numbers listed and you can visit an educator from that area of the world and gain a better understanding for each region’s  educational challenges, dreams, and aspirations. It’s like having an exciting  Edventure with educators across the globe while sitting in your own home. You may even wish to continue the conversation with some you meet along the way!

Take a moment to look at the various  pictures of all of the  classrooms across the world. It is so interesting to see differences and similarities in how  classrooms are set up and supplied. Perhaps you may wish to view some video interviews of some of these educators across the globe. These short glimpses will give you some amazing insight of education from region to region. Click on the People Menu and you will have the opportunity to view all the educators and their stories from across the world. It really is an interesting journey and you may become reacquainted with people you have met at conferences and events, follow on Twitter, or have  read a Blog written by. You may even meet someone new that you will decide to share your thoughts and ideas with as you continue to develop your own PLN.

The Goldmine Of Free Resources, Tools, Lessons, and PD

As promised, I do need to show you where some amazing free tools and PD are located.  I guarantee you will find awesome resources! Find the Partners in Learning Network menu tab at the top and give it a click. You may wish to join the Partners in Learning Network as it is one of the world largest educator social networks with over 4 million members including educators and school leaders in over 119 countries. Click one of the first links you see … it is called Microsoft*Partners In Learning.  This will take you out of Daily Edventures and into the Microsoft*Partners In Learning website. Take a look at some amazing free opportunities:

Tutorials – Check out at least one of the 241  tutorials that you will want to view and share. Learn about  Animations in PowerPoint, discover  Basics of using OneNote in the classroom, find out how to Capture live data from the web in Excel, attempt to Build creative skills with Moviemaker, or learn how to zoom in and out of your presentations with a free tool by watching Community Clips with Zoomit. If this gets your interest up… remember there are 239 more short, yet informative video tutorials.

Discussions – You are sure to find an area of interest in this incredible discussion board! At last count there were 418 different discussion topics in 8 different categories. In fact, there appear to be close to 5000 posts… hope you have some time! Still cant’t find what you are looking for? Then it might be time to start your own discussion topic! Discussions allow for the perfect opportunity to begin or continue to grow your PLN.

Free Tool for Educators – OK… I saved possibly the best for last! Discover some of the neatest free resources in four different categories. Don’t forget to check out the thousands of activities that accompany these tools on this goldmine of a website. Below you will find the four areas with several examples. Make sure you visit each area because what you see here is just the tip of the iceberg.

There you have it… a chance to meet and network with 365 global educators while discovering thousands of free web resources, lessons, tutorials, and activities. While you are there, please be sure to visit my contribution to the Daily Edventures site . It certainly is an honor and privilege to be in such company. Join me in future weeks as together we continue to explore even more posts devoted to the Flipped Classrooms, Project Based Learning, Assessing 21st century skills, technology integration, web resources, PBL,  digital literacy, and the common core.  I enjoy learning from all of you.  Also remember to subscribe to this blog by RSS or email and follow me on twitter at mjgormans. I also appreciate your sharing of this post and any retweets. Keep up the amazing work,  have a great week, and a enjoy the Daily Edventures while expanding your Personal Learning Network and 21st century resources. Welcome to the Future! – Mike Gorman (

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