Tagxedo: Amazing Word Cloud Generator And 101 Ways To Use It… Word Clouds in Education Series: Part 4

Welcome to the fourth post in this exciting Word Cloud Series. Last time I gave you nine Word Cloud Generators and promised you that the next post would have one of my favorites.  Today I  want to introduce you to Tagxedo, a truly amazing Word Cloud Generator. I first learned of it over two years ago after receiving an email from its creator, Hardy Leung, after he had just finsihed writing the code. Take a moment to learn this Word Cloud Generator’s amazing features. Don’t miss the 101 ways to use this incredible resources. As always please feel free to follow me on Twitter (@mjgormans) and sign up for this blog by RSS or email at 21centuryedtech.  I will keep you up-to-date on the very latest in 21st century education! Now let’s learn at this incredible site ! – Mike Gorman (21centuryedtech.wordpress,com)

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An Amazing Word Cloud Generator… Tagxedo

I often get emails from people who wish to have their site reviewed. I always take the time to check out these inquiries and pass on worthy findings to you. Well, a few years ago I got a request from the author of  Tagxedo. Since I have put together this series of Word Cloud Generator posts I knew I had to include this past post.

The Tagxedo website proclaims, “Tag Clouds with Style”, a mission I feel was accomplished. You will discover that this cutting edge program is an outstanding free application very similar to our good friend,  Wordle .  The creater of  Tagxedo emphasized to me that Tagxedo has a few extra qualities  not found in all Word Cloud Generators. After visiting and experimenting with the site I agree that Tagxedo does offer some awesome features.

So what  makes Tagxedo stand out? Some of the features that Leung pointed out to me include; highly interactive (no server round-trip), fast cloud generation time, custom shapes and themes, powerful layout engine (very nice shape hugging), and  lots of fonts (including custom user fonts and fonts from Font Squirrel). Most importantly, the interface allows the user to save “word clouds” as PNG, JPG, and IMGUR image files.  It also saves a History View (allowing user to see all “versions” and pick the one they like).

As you explore the site be sure to read the FAQ page which includes directions and future plans for the product. It is school friendly, due to the fact that it does not require a user log-in. Please be sure you follow your schools AUP and students should be aware that personal and identifying information should not be put in a Word Cloud.  Tagxedo has a powerful  interface.   It allows the user to pick from multiple shapes which can give the Word Cloud a unique look. There is even the option to submit your own image and word shapes  The on-line gallery provides an idea of the capabilities that reside within Tagxedo. You will find some pretty cool items there.

Remember the last post I shared 108 ways to use Wordle. Well, how about 101 ways to use Tagxedo from the people at Tagxedo? You will discover that each way to use Tagxedo is accompanied by at least one example.  You will find a  full spectrum of possibilities, but still there are many variations that are not covered, or merely mentioned in passing.  For example, you will find at least 10 ways to use it as an ice breaker (Tagxedo of bio poems, scavenger hunt with Tagxedo, …).  After looking at examples you can come up with your own easily.

You can also visit the official Tagxedo Gift Shop! You can buy  beautiful artworks – T-shirts, mugs, bags, mousepads, and more from your creation. Each of the artwork is uniquely designed and crafted with the amazing Tagxedo word cloud creator.  Please take the time to check out all the features of Tagxedo. As you do, I am sure that you will want to share Tagxedo others!

It really is time for you to head over to Tagxedo and click on the Creator Button. Enjoy watching your text, words, blogs, or any group of words on the internet change in to an awesome and unique creation. You just might spend hours in the clouds.

Thanks for stopping by for another post. Please be sure to subscribe via email or RSS. I encourage you to share this post with others via twitter … please give it a retweet! Remeber I will always keep you up-to-date on Twitter at (@mjgormans) on current postings. Now, take a moment and discover Tagxedo and remember to reply with a Word Cloud idea you might have!  Please enjoy and as always, Thanks – Mike Gorman (21centuryedtech.wordpress,com)

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