You Could Win A Computer By Sharing Two Of Your Favorite Educational Games

Welcome to an exciting post dedicated to awarding one of the readers of this blog an amazing Lenovo ThinkCentre M90.  Since this contest comes in  the middle of a series dedicated to Games In Education, I would like everyone to contribute and win. How does everyone win? I know that I cannot award everyone a computer, but I do hope that everyone walks away with some free and collective information. I will explain below… but first please take a moment to subscribe to my 21centuryedtech Blog by either email or RSS! I appreciate every reader and promise you some great information and resources are coming your way. Future postings include a series on Web Page Evaluation…. Seven Easy Steps, Project Based Learning… Starting And Ending With The Project, Digital Curriculum… It’s More Than Paper, and of course,  The Education Games Series…. Get In The Game. I also have posts that will turn up the temperature on STEM education making it downright STEAMIE, and some Lessons From An Analog Native. Most of all, I promise resources dedicated to 21st Century Learning and some Best of the Web! Please sign up today! Also, remember you can follow me on twitter at mjgormans! Now on to the computer give-away! Have a great week! – Mike

It’s Time To Give Away A Lenovo ThinkCentre  M90 (A 23 inch all-in-one touch screen computer)

First, a big thank you to Lenovo and Ivy Worldwide for running this contest! These two companies organized the bloggers and have taken on the responsibility for making sure that each winner  receives one of these amazing computers. I will list the other bloggers once again when I announce the winner of this contest next week! Now… how to win a computer in this 21centuryedtech Contest.

In the spirit of my Games In Education Series, I am asking readers to submit two gaming sites that promote content and learning in education. These can be sites for specific games found on the web… or an entire site dedicated to games. Since my series is currently dedicated to kids creating games, I am asking readers to submit educational games that have already been made for student learning. To keep with the spirit of free, I am asking that these games be no cost or very low cost. I am also asking that these games be available for multi-platform. I have created a Google form for entries which asks for your name, email, game/site name, game/site address, and a short review. I will use  the Random Name Generator suggested by Richard Byrne in his contest that was also used by Kathy Schrock, to pick the winner. You may wish to investigate this cool tool further.

This contest is open to  any adult educator ( any adult involved in the education of students) within and outside the United States. I appreciate all of those readers I hear from all across the world!  One entry per person via the Google Forms Link which you will find below! Contest begins Saturday, April 30 and ends Wednesday, May 4, 2011. While it is not a requirement, I would appreciate it if all contestants would sign up by RSS or email so that you can follow this blog and also learn about all of the games others contribute… plus a whole lot more. Now, take a moment to either find two games or share what you may already be using. Try to share something many of us may not know about, and be sure to enter early.  The idea is to build a list that we have collectively compiled and from which we can all benefit. When you are ready, click on the contest link below and I wish you the very best! You just might be the winner of the amazing  Lenovo ThinkCentre M90 23 inch Touch Screen All-in-One Computer.

Click Here To Enter Contest

Thanks for joining me in this post and I really hope you entered the contest! I am excited about sharing our collective information and also having this opportunity to award one reader with a free computer. If you are not a subscriber please take me up on my invitation to subscribe by RSS or email! Remember you can follow me on Twitter at mjgormans and also take a moment to retweet this article using the button below.  I look forward to sharing, networking, and reading your game ideas! Have a wonderful week and continue you journey towards educational transformation in the 21st Century! – Mike


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2 responses to “You Could Win A Computer By Sharing Two Of Your Favorite Educational Games

  1. interested with contest. but the problem, iam living in indonesia…

    • Makalah
      Please go ahead and enter since I was told they could ship worldwide. I also look forward to visiting your site! Have a great week! – Mike

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