My Reflection On The ISTE And Johns Hopkins Partnership In Administrative Certification… Powerful, Transformational, Online!

I dedicate this post to all my friends and cohorts from The Johns Hopkins University and  ISTE  Graduate Certificate in School Administration and Supervision.  Thank you for allowing me to learn from all of you…. This post may be of special interest to educators in the classroom who may be wishing to pursue a career in educational leadership. I write this as a graduate of the program designed to provide educators the certification and  professional development necessary to become a building or central office administrator. If this is something you have contemplated, then take a moment to read on. The application deadline is April 15. If you know of someone who has this interest, please forward. As always, please feel free to give me a follow on Twitter (mjgormans) and also take a moment to subscribe to this blog by email or RSS.  I promise some outstanding resources heading your way! Have a great week! – Mike

Check both ISTE Site and Johns Hopkins Site for  information on Graduate Certificate Program in Administration & Supervision.

We all have been participants in programs that provide inspiration and transformation as we continue our educational journey both as teachers and learners. Just a short three years ago I was reading information on the ISTE site that opened the door to such an experience. Little did I know it would be an adventure that would take me back to college. After all, I was already teacher with thirty years of experience, holding a life certificate that represented all the core subject areas. While the idea of a certificate allowing me to join the ranks of administration was a lure, I was even more excited at the prospect of combining this opportunity with facilitating educational technology instruction through the ISTE NET Standards. Before I knew it I was once again a college student. Please  understand that I had not composed a paper, taken a test, or completed an assignment for over 25 years.  My last student work was done by a typewriter with plenty of white-out,  and my only experience with a reflection was what I could see in a mirror.

I had been integrating technology for nearly 15 years, in fact, I remember the Mac Classic, the TRS-80, a cassette deck as data storage, and of course the multimedia wonder Hyper Card and later, Hyper Studio. I really thought I was ahead of the curve. This was all before I took that first class and quickly experienced  a wonderful transformation in both my own learning and teaching. The administration and supervision program I became immersed in with JHU and ISTE brought a new awareness. I gained the necessary skills to interact and communicate in an amazing and engaging virtual world of education that I had not experienced before. My cohorts consisted of like-minded educators across the nation and the world. They were as close as my home state of Indiana, and as far away as Europe and the Middle East. Together, we experienced the power of online learning,  the authenticity of a project based learning style environment, and the fine tuning of our own 21st century skills.

I benefited from a powerful partnership between the  Johns Hopkins Center for Technology in Education (CTE)  and ISTE which included a focus on the traditional A&S certificate offered at JHU.  The certificate program was enriched by the  integration of instructional technology, and it facilitated learning using a web-based format that built on the CTE’s research-based approach to online learning.  Lasting  approximately one year, including five areas of study culminating with an internship, it was an experience that was both enlightening and transformational.  Best of all, I was prepared to truly understand the standards of the Interstate School Leaders Licensure Consortium (ISLLC) and pass  a rigorous exam for certification.

I will always remember and have fond memories of the year I returned to the university after a 25 year absence. It made me aware of the importance of lifelong learning and of how we must instill this desire in our students. It allowed me to understand how  online learning mixed with brick and mortar classrooms can create a hybrid learning experience that is powerful. I became a believer in the need for educational transformation that employed 21st century skills and put students at the center of their learning. Most of all, I gained an understanding  that we must all continue to learn, create, and innovate in order to build an even better future.

Perhaps you are thinking about taking a more active role in school leadership. This may include a role as principal, central office administrator, or a classroom instructional leader.  I encourage you to act on your thoughts. You will find  enriching  personal rewards and, at the same time, serve an educational system  in need of motivated and passionate individuals. Your action may involve  checking with your local/state university, investigating  online PD  providers, or possibly exploring the Johns Hopkins and ISTE  School Administration and Supervision Program.  If you are interested in the JHU/ISTE program be sure to act soon.  The application deadline is April 15. Remember, it is a program available world-wide!

I am now approaching 34 years of classroom teaching! Yes, even with the additional certification I have chosen to remain in the classroom. Along with facilitating classroom learning, I enjoy blogging, tweeting, and learning from my  personal learning network. I look forward to meeting  professional friends across the state, country, and world.  I have had the privilege to present to fellow educators at conferences across the United States and via webinars around the world. A choice to continue my professional development even after  thirty years of teaching taught me that learning really is a life long experience!

Check both ISTE Site and/or Johns Hopkins Site for  information on Graduate Certificate Program in Administration & Supervision.

Thanks for joining me for this reflection on transformation and lifelong learning! I wish you the very best as you continue to learn, grow, and journey into an exciting new era of education! Please take a moment and follow me on Twitter (@mjgormans), I will return the favor and we will learn from one another. You are also welcome to visit my 21centuryedtech Wiki filled with free and amazing resources.   Again, take a moment to subscribe to this blog by email or RSS. Read below to see some upcoming articles and if you liked this article there is a button below for a retweet!  Remember… keep on learning! – Mike

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6 responses to “My Reflection On The ISTE And Johns Hopkins Partnership In Administrative Certification… Powerful, Transformational, Online!

  1. kmcg2375

    “Together, we experienced the power of online learning, the authenticity of a project based learning style environment, and the fine tuning of our own 21st century skills.”

    I hope this is something I can give my students. It’s impossible for me to tell them everything I think is important, but by giving the the experience of these things I’m hoping to make an impact. At least to give them lessons that they will remember later, leading to future transformation.

    Thanks for your post – it is always a pleasure to hear about the process of transforming idea and practices!

    • Kelli – Thanks so much for your kind words and for sharing! The act of my own transformation I believe allows me to act even more as a model to my students. I appreciate hearing from you and please continue to return so that I can learn from you! Again thanks! – Mike

  2. Anita Harris

    Hey there partner! So glad you posted about this awesome program! As one of your cohort members in this program, I agree with you wholeheartedly on how this program was not only inspirational but also transformational. Even if I never acquire a position as a principal or in administration, this program provided me with so much more in my role in educational technology. It opened up doors I would never have opened up on my own. I was exposed to people I most likely would never have met, which includes YOU my dear friend! The lasting relationships it helped spawn has been one of the most transformational experiences I have ever had. Now, after almost 2 years of graduating from this program, I find myself still working closely with my cohort members in sharing ideas and resources and so much more. If you are looking for an administrative program to truly transform how you think and view education that also offers the BEST blend of pedagogy integration with technology, then the ISTE/JHU Admin and Supervision Certificate program is for you! Feel free to contact me if you want to know more about it and I hope to see you at ISTE this summer in Philadelphia! Thanks Mike for posting this! Anita ☺

    • Anita – Thanks so much for your reflection. It was working with people like you who made the program especially valuable. I learned so much from you and so many others. I really appreciate you taking the time to comment and look froward to future collaboration at ISTE (SIGOL) and all the other possibilities before us. Great things will be happening in Philadelphia this summer! Again thanks for writing and be sure to stay connected! Have a great week! – Mike

  3. I ran across your blog searching for information on the ISTE/JHU program, and want to thank you for sharing your thoughts on the experience. I have been considering pursuing a route towards educational leadership, and would love to hear more about your experience in the program. You seem very enthusiastic about the journey!

    • Hi Kim, It really is a wonderful program. While it is quite rigorous you will find it rewarding and will network with some awesome people. I rate it as one of my best educational learning experiences. If you have any questions please feel free to get in contact with me! Have a wonderful week! – Mike

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