Happy New Year : Eleven Possible Education Headlines For 2011

This posting is my second annual (2011) collection of educational headlines  we might like to see, headlines we might actually see, and headlines that might just be fun!  While I am not suggesting any of them will become a reality, it is always exciting to dream, imagine, and even have a little fun!  I wish all of you the very best as you enter a New Year! Keep up the great work in our schools, you really are the best! Please take a moment to subscribe by email or RSS and also give me a follow on Twitter. I have a great series of posts involving web site evaluation which include videos, handouts, posters, and even  power point… So Sign Up Now!  By the way, If you happen to think of a headline, please share with all of us! Have a wonderful New Year! – Mike

Please enjoy these links to my 2010 Head Line Post and my 2010 Letter From Santa Post

Adobe and Apple Make A Flash Decision To Cooperate… Company Spokesperson Suggest New Name Of wePad – We can only “Imagine” as the two companies begin to “Think Different”. The name could have been wiiPad, but then three companies would need to cooperate!

Droid and iPad Continue To Play A Game Of Monopoly… Can Steve Jobs Find An App For ThatThe tablet wars continue as educators continue to contemplate which direction to take.  Is there a road less traveled in the future?

Government Study Finds That Race To The Top Is Possibly Leaving Some States Behind – There was no report on the cost of the study but it did suggest a financial educational bailout for those states left behind.

A Major School District Introduces A Unique 1 + 1 Initiative… Claims That By Graduation, All Students Will Understand That The Sum Of 1+1 Is 2 – Wow, finally an objective that is easy to test on a multiple choice exam, although the article went on to state that students could not use computers for the final test.

New Government Energy Study Finds That Educational Textbooks Could Be Useful As A Major Source Of Fossil FuelsFinally an amazing plan that suggests that our vast supply of textbooks are useful after all, and could lead to energy independence. It was stated later in the article that student backpack manufacturers will lobby against this effort.

Federal Government Goes Beyond Declaring Recession Over By Stating It Is “Officially Over”… Predicts That Education Should Feel Positive Impact By End Of CenturyThe article continues by stating, “We may have never really had an actual recession but just a period of fewer jobs.” The word “Recession” could no longer be defined since the last Textbook had been used as fossil fuel and someone had blocked Google.

A New Study Suggests That Online Student Collaboration Be Supported In Schools… Claims That Students Can’t Learn It All On FacebookI am certain at least one of the people in this study attended my presentation on Digital Immigrants and Digital Natives. It really is true, Digital Natives need guidance from Digital Immigrants in order to work effectively in a Digital World.  Now, did someone tell the filtering companies!

Large Publisher Makes Significant Improvements In Digital Curriculum… Reports that All PDF Files Will Now Be Available In ColorAmazing to think that the difference between student engagement is a jump from black and white to color. Time to recall all HD, 3D, and Interactive Televisions! Thanks to those publishers that do understand that true digital curriculum and content is a lot more work than digitizing those fossil fuel textbooks and creating PDF’s.  Student backpack manufactures are still not happy.

Google Unveils New Mapping Program, Google Universe… Claims It Still Needs Room To Grow After This!I really did think that the word Googal had a limit. Isn’t it something like the digit 1 followed by 100 zeros. Maybe that’s why they spelled it Google instead of Googal!  I am glad that Google has set no limits on its education efforts!

Department Of Education Along With Major Universities Make A Recall On All Educational Acronyms… New Workshops On Creating One Page Memos To Be InitiatedJust when I thought we were saving paper. This will not be a good sign for text messaging. It is also unusual to think that POOE (People Outside Of Education) may finally know what educators are talking about.  Or will they? Stationery companies claim to be happy! Briefcase manufacturers, the ones that used to make student backpacks, also have smiles on their faces! LOL!

I have included an eleventh headline below. It is one that I will make sure is posted every year!

World Wide Effort Placing Education  And Children As Top Priority Results In  Movement Toward “Peace On Earth “- Not only does this effort result in world peace, but health, energy, environment, food, and poverty are also addressed!  No further editorial needed!

Thanks for joining in a posting that I hope brought a smile to your face. Together as educators we must continue to work together to bring to our students an education that is engaging, relevant, and intrinsic! Continue to visit and take a moment to comment. Please accept my invitation to subscribe by RSS or email! I promise some great posts in the year 2011. Take a moment to share this post with others! Thank you for your kind words both at this blog and at my presentations and webinars! May the year 2011 be filled with both personal and professional growth and satisfaction!  Wishing You A Very Happy New Year – Mike


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