Free Games, Activities,Videos and Lessons From NOAA to Facilitate Science & Social Studies Standard

Welcome to the last summer post dedicated to bringing you the biggest collections of national and international resources you will find anywhere. Be on the lookout for my upcoming Advanced Google Post and an exciting Evaluation Of Web Sites Series, and an all in one post dedicated to the Big Twelve Megasites. Please be sure you bookmark, copy, RSS, subscribe by email and visit my 21centuryedtech Wiki! You will want to share this site and its information with others !  I will announce each post on twitter at (mjgormans), so be sure to follow. Now lets learn about a fantastic site that goes beyond Language Arts! – Mike

The NOAA Ocean Service  Education web site is a must see for teachers looking for rich multimedia resources, games, activities, and lessons. From the Professional Development page you will find links to links to material on CoralEstuaries,Oceans/Weather/ClimateLiving in WeatherClimate Resources, and Problem Based Learning (Including NOAA Waterways).  There are over twenty educational games available!  These games are engaging and worth a visit to compliment any 21st century curriculum. Check out this video trailer on Water Life : Where River Meets The Sea. There is even a Twitter Connection!  You may find the Estuaries Curriculum 101 something that could bring engagement to your class. Perhaps finding out how an ecosystem recovers from an oil spill could be both timely and interesting. Another topic of interest involves the invasion of the Lionfish in the US coastal waterways.

In 2009, NOAA joined hundreds of organizations and agencies in a national, year-long celebration of science to make science more accessible, personally meaningful, and locally relevant. To help celebrate, NOAA Education has produced the 2009 Year of Science Education Sampler DVD Web Site highlighting ocean, coastal, atmospheric, and climate science education resources available from the agency. The DVD and complimentary website provide interactive activities, lessons, media files and many other resources to help build understanding of the science of Earth’s systems and the stewardship of our planet.

Check out NOAA’s specific links that are rich in multi media material and provide great lessons. They have background and resources, along with a great collection of multimedia links. Don’t miss NOAA’s outstanding selection of informal activities that will engage students. There are also lesson plans in three levels including grades 3-5, and grades 5-8, plus grades 8-12 to assist in creating great units. Also available are curriculum for these same three levels. Grades 3-5 includes Ecology by Inquiry, Remote Sensing and Coral Reefs, Navigating Change, and Project Flow. Grades 5 – 8 includes these same units along withLearning Ocean Science through Ocean Exploration. Grades 8 – 12 includes three units on Estuaries involving earth, life and physical science, a unit entitled, Harmful Algal Bloom : A Hunters Handbook, and the unit Learning Ocean Science through Ocean Exploration. Finally check out this NOAA page that is entitled Cool Sites For Every One. You will find web pages that link to NOAA Safety TipsNOAA General Interest and InformationWeatherClimate Change and Our PlanetOceans and Coasts, and Satellites and Space. All of these are NOAA’s effort to promote science literacy. All content on the NOAA Web site is considered to be in the public domain and may be distributed freely. Please cite NOAA as the source.

Take some time to investigate and possibly implement NOAAin your classroom this school year,  or tomorrow! Coming soon… my upcoming Advanced Google Post,an exciting Evaluation Of Web Sites Series, and an all in one post dedicated to the Big Twelve Megasites. Please share with others, visit the 21centuryedtech Wiki,  follow on me twitter (mjgormans), and subscribe to this blog by RSS or email . Enjoy, relax, play, and smile…. also take a moment to transform education toward 21st Century Learning! – Mike

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