ISTE2010: Join A SIG… Reach New Heights!

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As I traveled the Cog Train up the slope of Pike’s Peak, I stood in awe of the beautiful state of Colorado! I stood on the summit and could understand with appreciation the lyrics to “America The Beautiful” written by educator Katharine Lee Bates as she contemplated the same view in 1895. Proud of this fellow educator, it made me reflect on the new summits of educational transformation that would be discovered in Denver at ISTE2010. Join with me as I expand on some of the coming heights of ISTE2010. As always you can subscribe by RSS of email to this blog, visit my 21centuryedtech Wiki, and follow me on twitter (mjgormans).

Are you a member of ISTE?   Perhaps you are even a member of a SIG (Special Interest Group), but your participation does not go much beyond reading email from that SIG. Do you want to get involved with one of these international groups, but really are not sure how to? There are over 20 SIGs and they represent a broad range of interests. Visit this ISTE page and take a look at the wide variety. Best of all, you can join one or join all for free with an ISTE membership.  Once you are a member of a SIG you will have year-round professional development opportunities via blogs, podcasts, and webinars. Knowledge-sharing listserves will extend your learning community across time and place. Online and print venues will allow sharing of research, expertise, and best practice. Attend face-to-face meetings and conferences with materials focused on enhancing your professional skills. Awards and recognitions honor outstanding contributions to the field, and special leadership opportunities are available at NECC and within ISTE governance.

Going to ISTE? Even better! Be sure to stop by the SIG Open House on Sunday (June 27) 3–4:30 pm, Lobby A, Poster Gallery. Here is a great opportunity to learn what ISTE Special Interest Groups are all about. Meet the volunteers who lead SIGs year round, learn more about SIG activities (onsite and throughout the year) and find out how you can get involved as a volunteer.

While at the SIG Open House I invite you to drop by and visit with SIGOL, one that I have recently become active with. SIGOL (Special Interest Group For Online Learning)  is committed to growing awareness of high quality online learning environments and breaking down the walls of the traditional classroom. It goes much beyond electronic online learning delivery!  SIGOL  advocates for integrating on-line tools and services in the classroom, thus potentially giving  every classroom a learning connection to the real world. At the SIGOL booth you will have the opportunity to not just sign up and become actively involved, but as an added bonus, you will be able to enter the SIGOL Contest which includes cool prizes such as iPad’s (Yes that is plural), online software subscriptions, exhibit passes, DVDs, projection systems, and so much more!  There are thousands of dollars in prizes! While the sign up is at the Open House at the SIGOL Booth, you must attend the SIGOL Meet-n-Greet Session held on Monday, June 28 from 11 am to 12 noon in CCC 303 to win. At that time SIGOL will also be recognizing the winners of the Online Learning Award done in partnership with Global SchoolNet.

Whether you join SIGOL or  win an iPad,  becoming a member of any of  ISTE’s  outstanding SIGs will make both you and your educational community a winner. If you are in Denver, stop by the Open House for all SIGs (Hope I meet you at the  SIGOL Booth), or go to the ISTE SIG page and join a SIG and become actively involved!  To new heights! –  Mike

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