Google Docs: Brand New Updates Make Collaboration Better… Faster!

As I continue to celebrate Google with you this week, I hope you enjoyed my last article “The Googal In Google Part I“.  Today, I wish to share with you Google’s announcement on big improvements to its well known Google Docs. It’s worth a look, whether you use Google Docs to collaborate professionally with other educators or use it to  facilitate 21st century student learning!  Return all week for my dedication to Google and its users, as I continue to explore The Googal In Google! As always you are welcome to subscribe by RSS or email, so you never miss a post. I can also be followed on Twitter (@mjgormans), I will follow back and we can learn a googal from each other! Enjoy and share the post! – Mike

On Monday, April 12, 2010 Google announced an anticipated  preview versions of a new Google document and spreadsheet editor. It also introduced a new stand-alone drawing editor. Google states that “it is all built with an even greater focus on speed and collaboration”. Be sure you take a moment to discover these changes at Google Docs.

Document Editor – The spreadsheet editor has always allowed for character by character (real time changes) as other on-line collaborators type.  This feature is now an included part of the Document Editor and is very similar to a feature found in Etherpad  (Now owned by Google). Translation means, no more waiting or refreshing of the screen. Users will also enjoy improved document formatting. This means quicker and more reliable  importing and exporting of documents, a new comment system providing greater access throughout document, real margins and tab stops, and the enhanced ability to move images using drag and drop capabilities in the document.

Spreadsheet Editor – Google claims  significant speed and performance improvements to the editor;  including upload and download time, scrolling, and user responsiveness. There is also a formula bar that allows for cell editing and auto-complete. I especially like the advertised  ability to drag and drop columns along with the improved navigation between worksheets.

Drawings Editor – The improvements to this editor include the ability to use it as a stand alone feature.  Collaboration is possible in real time on such objects as  flow charts, designs, diagrams, and graphics. Users are able to place items from the Draw Editor into  documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. These Draw documents are able to be shared as their own entity.

Please note the following statement from Google. “The drawings editor will be available later today (April 12, 2010), and preview versions of spreadsheets and documents will roll out to all individual users over the next few days. To try them out, click “New version” at the top of any spreadsheet or go to the ‘Document Settings’ page and select ‘New version of Google documents.’ To learn more about using the new editors in your business, school or organization, check out the Google Enterprise blog“.

Google released the following video on YouTube for users to learn more. This video is provided by the people at Google Docs.

Thanks for joining me for another adventure of the “Googal In Google”. Again please take a moment to subscribe by email or RSS. I also invite you to follow me on Twitter (@mjgormans), I will return the favor! As always feel free to visit my 21centuryedtech Wiki filled with a googal of free resources!  Watch for more Google information coming later. Have a good one! – Mike


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2 responses to “Google Docs: Brand New Updates Make Collaboration Better… Faster!

  1. I love Google Docs. I started using it a lot when my new PC had only a trial version of MS Office.

    In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, is having a contest where every teacher in your school can win a free gift! Check out the contest at my link.

  2. Tracy – Thanks for your share! A free program is aways great to use! Please return and continue to share! – Mike

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