Tagxedo: Exciting New Word Cloud Generator Rich With Features!

Welcome to another informative mid-week post. Today I  want to introduce you to Tagxedo, a brand new Word Cloud Generator that has just been released in Beta. I first learned of it after receiving an email from its creator, Hardy Leung, several days ago. I was very impressed and feel it needs to be added to a list of Word Cloud Generators I created a few month ago in my Welcome Back Wordle Blog which generated almost one thousand reads.  If you have never read it, be sure to take a look. Take a moment to learn the features and future plans for Tagxedo. As always please feel free to follow me on Twitter (@mjgormans), I will keep you up-to-date and will be sure to follow back! Now let’s learn about a new site ! – Mike

Update from Tagxedo Creator Hardy Leung – I just want to clarify that, since Tagxedo was beta-released a whooping 3 days ago, it has been upgraded many times, and the latest version already supports the “future plans” of using either image or words as shapes. Also, you can now save to both Jpg or Png.

I often get emails from people who wish to have their site reviewed. I always take the time to check out these inquiries and pass on worthy findings to you. I am very excited to share with you this just beta-released word cloud application called Tagxedo. The website proclaims, “Tag Clouds with Style”, a mission I feel was accomplished. You will discover that this cutting edge program is an outstanding free application very similar to our good friend,  Wordle .  The creater of  Tagxedo emphasized to me that Tagxedo has a few extra qualities  not found in all Word Cloud Generators. After visiting and experimenting with the site I agree that Tagxedo does offer some awesome features.

So what  makes Tagxedo stand out? Some of the features that Leung pointed out to me include; highly interactive (no server round-trip), fast cloud generation time, custom shapes and themes, powerful layout engine (very nice shape hugging), and  lots of fonts (including custom user fonts and fonts from Font Squirrel). Most importantly, the interface allows the user to save “word clouds” as PNG image files and it also saves a History View (allowing user to see all “versions” and pick the one they like).

As you explore the site be sure to read the FAQ page which includes directions and future plans for the product. It is school friendly, due to the fact that it does not require a user log-in. Tagxedo is new and powerful, but the interface is still somewhat under construction.  In fact, two features that will arrive soon are the ability to use images as custom shapes and the ability to use specific words as custom shapes. The on-line gallery provides an idea of the capabilities that reside within Tagxedo. Please take the time to check out all the features of Tagxedo. As you do, I am sure that you will want to share Tagxedo others!

Thanks for stopping by for another post. Please be sure to subscribe via email or RSS. I encourage you to share this post with others and please return again. I will always keep you up-to-date on Twitter at (@mjgormans). A reminder that I will also facilitate an ISTE Webinar (21st Century Education and Technology Integration: No Cost and Low Cost Investments with Rich Results for Students) on May 12, 2010.  You are also welcome to visit my 21centuryedtech Wiki filled with great resources to facilitate educational transformation. Now, take a moment and discover Tagxedo and remember to reply!  Thanks – Mike


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8 responses to “Tagxedo: Exciting New Word Cloud Generator Rich With Features!

  1. Mike,

    Thanks for your kind words and detailed review of Tagxedo. I just want to clarify that, since Tagxedo was beta-released a whooping 3 days ago, it has been upgraded many times, and the latest version already supports the “future plans” of using either image or words as shapes. Also, you can now save to both Jpg or Png.

    Please check out the Tagxedo gallery (currently just my creations; community submission to come later). There are almost 30 examples — all clickable and leading you to Tagxedo for further editing — showcasing what Tagxedo can do. Please believe me when I say even I am stunned by the artfulness of the word clouds!

    — Hardy Leung (creator of Tagxedo)

    • Hardy,

      I am very impressed with Tagxedo and wish you the very best as you continue to build it. I really like the features you have built in and plan to continue sharing it with others. Thank you for your awesome contribution and I am sure educators will enjoy using Tagxedo with their students. Please continue to network! Have a great week! – Mike

  2. Colleen Young

    This looks really nice and I’ll experiment with my class. It will be great for Maths vocabulary.

    I don’t suppose word cloud programs are really intended for the Mathematicians (understandable) but am I right in thinking though that it can’t cope with numbers and the equals sign? My younger students have created some Maths posters with Wordle and Word it out.


    • Colleen,

      You’re right that numbers and the equal sign are not supported by Tagxedo. I’ve never considered it before, but I’ll add it to my list of potential enhancements.

      — Hardy Leung

      • Colleen Young

        Thank you Hardy, I am impressed with both your prompt reply and the fact you will add this to your list! I wish you well with Tagxedo.

    • Colleen,

      Thanks for the reply which will be real useful to others since Hardy says he would look into the possibilities. I think it is great how you are finding ways to use it in math class. It really is all about integrating the technology to teach current standards while engaging the students! Wishing you the best as you continue your journey in 21st century education! Have a great week! – Mike

      • Colleen Young

        Thank you for your reply and good wishes Mike. This year has been an interesting one for my youngest Maths (Math!) class – we have been collaborating on our Wiki, writing on walls (Wallwisher), writing stories (Storybird), creating posters (Wordle) to name but a few activities. It certainly adds variety to lessons and most important I am convinced helps their learning.

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