Welcome To The Future : Dreaming Of 21st Century Education!



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It is a New Year and I wanted to share with you a post that is special to me since it was one of my very first posts back in August ,right after presenting at BLC09.  In fact it was BLC09 that gave me the inspiration to create this Blog! The video has been an inspiration to me, my students, and teachers at my school. I have also shared it on the road. Do not miss the opportunity to view the video from the link posted at the bottom of this article post. I have also updated this post with a downloadable Word Document, also at the bottom, which can be used with your students to discuss the 21st century! This is a shortened post so that you may take the time to view what  is a truly  an nspirational message.  Please take a moment to follow me on Twitter so that I can up-date you both on this blog and my 21centuryedtech Wiki! As always thanks and “Welcome To The Future!”  Let me know if the video inspires you and if the Word Document worked for you! 

– Mike (http://www.twitter.com/mjgormans Email(mgorman@sacs.k12.in.us

It is the mission of this Blog to bring you content, ideas, and practical ideas to enhance 21st Century Skills and educational transformation using technology. It is equally important to provide readers with content for reflection, motivation, and encouragement.  As we encounter a new school year I want to dedicate this posting to educational possibilities. Our educational future involves everyone including community stakeholders, educators, and students.  Recently I came a across a video produced by country music singer and songwriter Brad Paisley entitled Welcome to the Future. When I first heard the lyrics I felt they provided a thought provoking opportunity for  educators . Upon viewing the video it came apparent to me that the message is an inspiration to 21st Century Education. It reflects transformation, progress,  diversity, technology, universal accomplishment, and hope.  I know there have been a wide range of videos that can be found emphasizing the need to think different, engage the digital native, transform education, think outside the box, be prepared for the stopped escalator, and question what we know about global education.  This video however is the most powerful video I have come across in recent years.  I know you will feel the same way and I applaud singer and song writer Brad Paisley for a positive message that resonates  an enthusiasm for the future, and the promise that education can bring.  Be sure to reflect on the  well written lyrics as you encounter this awesome and powerful digital story. Please check out the link below! Let me know what you think!

Once again, welcome to the new school year and our  future!

Link – Welcome To The Future by  – Brad Paisley  (This is a CMT site, you may need to see a short ad first) 

Link – Welcome To The Future by  – Brad Paisley  (This is an AOL site, you will need to see a short ad first)

Update – I have created a student activity sheet that goes with this video. It is a great activity that allows students to investigate a video for meaning. I have tried to include a process that facilitates a collaborative effort at investigating lyrics, video, and plot. It also asks students to write an individual paragraph stating the meaning. A final suggestion entails having the students feed their paragraph into Wordle. If you try it please let me know how it goes.  I also suggest listing the sixteen top 21 century skills in Intel Thinking Tools Visual Ranking  and having students collaborate on priority order.  The Welcome To The Future Document is posted below. Thanks for the visit and please keep coming back! It is an honor to be able to share

The Document Link: welcome_to_the_future

– Mike http://www.twitter.com/mjgormans)

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  1. Rebecca Donelson

    Thank you for sharing this information, a very unique idea to incorporate the video into a lesson for your students.

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