Free Software To Make That Flip Video Experience Even Better!

Ever had trouble getting those flip video files into Windows Movie Maker or your preferred video editor? This midweek post of 21centuryedtech focuses on a free piece of software that really does make integrating the Flip Video camera with Windows Movie Maker easy. Outside of that, it is truly a great video and audio transfer program that has a multitude of uses in student and teacher productions of movies and podcasts! Try this and other great ideas and resources found at the 21centuryedtech Wiki! As always follow me at – Mike (

It really is time to do a double flip for your Flip video camera as you find ways to integrate with free Windows Movie Maker. I recently purchased 30 Flip Video Camera for student use!  They have been a hit as have the movies that students have produced. While others may not, I did experience problems with the Flip Software (too simplistic) and using the video files on various computers and networks. I did a triple flip when I found the free product Any Video Converter.  This powerful yet free video converter application makes video and audio conversion quick and easy. The application can clip any segments and optionally merge and sort them to make a creative movie. Even more, Any Video Converter Freeware can crop frame size to remove any unwanted area in the frame ,just like a pair of smart scissors. It can convert almost any video format:  including DivX, XviD, MOV, rm, rmvb, MPEG, VOB, DVD, WMV, AVI, MPEG-I, DVD NTSC , DVD PAL, Flash for Video (FLV), AVI Video and Customized WMV movie formats. It also supports any user defined video file format as the output including avi, mp4, wmv, swf, flv, mkv, MPEG-1 and MPEG-2, mpg (PAL or NTSC), mp3, wma, ogg, aac, wave, m4a. This means that youtube, iPod, Zune, PSP, iPhone, 3GP Phone, and MP4 player are all covered. And if that’s not enough, it is also lightning  fast, even over a network.

Now about that Flip camera integration! It really is as simple as using the Flip Video Camera as a portable drive!  Just plug the Flip Camera into the computer’s USB port. Then open up Any Video Converter. Next select Add Video. It is then simple to use the easy interface to find the drive of the Flip Video Camera . Now , open the drive and select the desired videos.


Once the videos are selected a selection must be made from a pulldown on the right regarding the correct output format. For Windows Movie Maker the choice is customized WMV movie. Note that there are many other formats to pick from including ones that will work on the Mac, Mobile phones (including the iPhone), Flash, and portable video players.

There is even an Output folder on the bottom of the menu with various choices. The built in default is to have the program build an Any Video Folder in the user’s My Documents Folder. This can be great for network use that automatically sends user files to the user  network folder. Since Any Video Converter  can convert multiple files quickly and easily, you and your students will be editing using Windows Movie Maker or your preferred video editing software in no time. Take a moment to explore and learn about  and the download this free and useful program. While I have described its integration with Flip Video, you will find its power something you will find other reasons to do summersalts over!

Have fun and keep coming back ,and as always visit my 21centuryedtech Wiki! – Mike  (


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22 responses to “Free Software To Make That Flip Video Experience Even Better!

  1. Hi, I found this blog post while was searching for macintoshsupply related information on yahoo and found it very good article, thanks for sharing, best regards and cheers!

  2. I own the flip ultra and I love it, however having to constantly charge the little battery’s gets annoying…

  3. I appeciate you taking the time to comment! I just hope the information I provide will help you in some way. Comments like yours assist me in my writing! Thanks – Mike

  4. Great post! Don’t stop bloggin’!

  5. I like your blog post, kudos to you for it and keep up the good work blogging. I really love the way you take time to get it done right. 😛 Anyhow, this is just a kudo from another secret admirer who’s an Otaku. I promise I’ll keep reading. 🙂

  6. Hey, Mike,
    I heard you on Seedlings this evening, March 4, 2010. I love your expertise and enthusiasm. If this video converter works, it will be the answer to my dreams. I’ve been struggling trying to help students with this since fall. Thanks not only for the suggestion but for the tutorial. I can’t wait to try it out.
    Carolyn (carolteach4)

  7. I think this is what I need

  8. Thanks for this Michael, I really need this information! I will pass it on.

    • Henrietta,
      Glad it could help you out! If you need any further assistance please feel free to ask! I do hope you are enjoying the Flip camera. It really is an awesome educational tool! – Mike

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  11. Great topic, thanks for the info!

  12. Thank you for your clear and helpful blog. I’m writing from the UK and also work with learners. Our community based projects often link a number of community development learning projects across different locations.

    We are have also shared flip stories with people we have worked with in Poland.
    We’ve been at the beginning of the learning curve in using Flip videos since 2009.

    Everyone loves using the camera but find it frustrating not to be able to edit our video stories to focus on the themes and issues community members want to highlight.

    Most of our projects aim to connect programmes from different parts of the country and we need to support each lead organisation to be able to do their own edits and make links with video stories created elsewhere.

    Sorry for the long ramble but I wanted to give the context of why your information is so useful. I can now advise our different partners that they can download this information and we can do shared practical learning events to share what works etc.


    • Susi, Thanks so much for sharing and letting me know that the article helped you out. Please continue to return and encourage others to do the same. Enjoy your Flip camera and keep the amazing work up! – Mike

  13. Deb

    Hi Mike,

    Thank you for recommending AVC. After spending a lot of time failing with getting the flip cam mp4 into the wmm, I was so happy to find your post. I do have a few questions:

    1) Someone said that it may be better to convert to mov if you want to upload it to youtube because the wmv doesn’t have the audio work as well. Do you know if that’s true? And if it is, I didn’t see a way to convert to mov with this application.

    2) Do you have any suggestions for increasing the volume on the flip cam?? I find it is pretty low so was wondering what you do to make it louder. Thank you and great site.

    • Thanks for the share! I don’t think you will loose a lot of audio. As far as the flip cam and its ability to pull in sound… there is no way to increase. I just encourage people to project. Thanks for the kind words and please stop by again! – Mike

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