Ten Possible Education Headlines For 2010 : Happy New Year!


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Happy New Year! I would like to thank all of you for your kind words and support as I have entered this world of educational blogging!  Please continue to write and comment! As we enter a new year and new decade, I was thinking the other day about  educational headlines -headlines we might like to see, headlines we might actually see, and  headlines that might just be fun! While I am not suggesting any of them will become a reality, it is always exciting to dream and imagine!  I wish all of you the very best as you enter a new year! Keep up the great work in our schools, you really are the best!  If you happen to think of a headline, please share with all of us and have a wonderful New Year! As always please join me at my 21centuryedtech Wiki!  Also please take a moment to subscribe to this post by RSS or email and follow me on twitter. (mjgormans)- Mike (mgorman@sacs.k12.in.us)

No Child Left Behind Succeeds! New Program Will Now  Focus On All Students – NCLB has many admirable qualities and has made a strong attempt at improving US education. There needs to be strategic focus on all children and their neccessary academic gains !

National Leaders Take Note : New Study Suggests Standardized  Tests May Not Measure Real LearningWhile this is a well known fact to classroom teachers, wouldn’t it be wonderful if non-educators not trained in the field of education but making educational decisions would also become aware.

Internet Filter Companies Declare Bankrupcy As School Officials Learn That Blocking Internet Content May Also Be Blocking 21st Century Learning While there needs to be a practice that protects children as they use the internet, many schools have bent over backwards trying to make the collaboative environment all but impossible for students and teachers.

New Study Finds That Improperly Used Smartboards May Contribute to “Sage On The Stage Syndrome” – Smart Boards are great tools for teachers to use to present ideas in highly engaging ways. Schools need to provide professional development that involves student use and also provide funds that give students the proper tools to create and design around a student centered curriculum.

Teachers Forced To Rewrite Web Literacy Curriculum After Legitimate Discovery Of The Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus – It would just be fun to see one of those fake sites actually become a reality. I chose the Tree Octopus because I am not sure if cats and bearded men will ever find a resolution, whales may consume to much of Lake Michigan’s habitat, and dihydrogen monoxide still makes me laugh!

Amount Of Information Surpasses a Googal : Google Considers New Name – IBM predicted that by 2010 the amount of information would double every eleven hours. At that pace a googal may actually be small in the near future. Is that why Google came out with a new tool called Google Squared?

New Brain Research Reveals That The Left And Right Brain  Work Together As One Brain – Ok, Daniel Pink has already revealed a whole new mind. Educators must find ways to teach and enhance both hemispheres. After all, we have always known that we  need two halves to make a whole. Right?

Educators Learn Christopher Columbus Was Wrong, The World Is Flat : How Do Schools Tell The Kids? – It’s about time  that educators not only learn this lesson that the business sector has long been stuggling with. It is also time to teach the kids more about this new economic model of the twenty-first century

Government Officials Take New Approach:  Allocate Adequate  Funds To Facilitate Educational Mandates – Wow, there really is more to educational legislation than passing laws. This could turn into an interesting process!

World Wide Effort Placing Education  And Children As Top Priority Results In  Movement Toward “Peace On Earth “- Not only does this effort result in world peace, but health, energy, environment, food, and poverty  are also addressed!  No further editorial needed!


Note: If you like this post for 2010 then be sure to  check out these new headlines for 2011.

Link – New 2011 Educational Headlines

Happy New Year ! – Mike


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15 responses to “Ten Possible Education Headlines For 2010 : Happy New Year!

  1. Great post! Thanks for making me smile today.

    • Liz,
      If it gave anyone the opportunity to smile, it was worth every word. By the way, thanks for sharing on twitter! Have a wonderful New Year and keep up that awesome blog of yours!

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  3. Really enjoyed this!! This cheeky humour delivers a sobering message for 2010! Happy New Year!

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  5. Alena,
    Just hearing from people that visit the blog gives me inspiration to keep up the effort! I hope I have provided some practical ideas along with some reflection and humor! Wishing you the best in the new year!

  6. Thank you for maintaining such a creative site. Your weblog is not just useful but also bvery imaginative too. There are a limited number of professionals who are capable of create not so easy articles that creatively. we keep looking for knowledge about a subject like this. I went through several websites to come across knowhow with respect to this.We look forward to the next posts !!

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  8. Thanks for your post, I found it very interesting. Happy New Years too!

  9. Interesting post! I liked this take on what you’d like to see in the coming year.

    I’ve been thinking about the whiteboard/”sage on the stage” issue myself recently. Just FYI, I linked to this post from my own.

    Thanks! I enjoy your content!

  10. I know its pretty late, never the less happy new year! Wish everyone a great new year!!

  11. I found your site on Google and read a few of your other entires. Nice Stuff.
    I’m looking forward to reading more from you.

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