Not On The Test


I have another enjoyable music video that speaks to educators. This comes from a musician name Tom Chapin with a message that cannot be ignored. Mr. Chapin makes it clear that the fine arts are a crucial part of a child’s education. This unique presentation paints a clear picture that education must go beyond core curricular knowledge.  I am certain this high quality video is one that you will want to share with all professionals  at meetings, conferences, and presentations. It truly crosses all areas of discipline! My posting is brief, as I encourage you to get the most out of Mr. Chapin’s heart filled message.

It is no secret that education has been constrained by a national effort aimed at compartmentalizing education and making the most important outcome of the learning community, the famous standardized test. Schools across the nation have been forced to prioritize, teach, and assess standards mandated by national and state bureaucracies. This effort has created in effect, an educational system at risk of preparing students for the 21st century. Employers today are demanding skills based on collaboration, communications, problem solving, creativity, and digital literacy. The vast majority of assessment found on today’s standardized test focuses on literal understanding, route memorization, and core curricular facts. It is true, effective learning communities are based on a solid foundation of the core curriculum.  It is necessary that educators understand that this educational  foundation is built to support a sound structure of rigorous applications complimenting and connecting  curriculum and real world. I challenge educators to plan, create, and facilitate learning  activities that require high level thinking, inquiry, and ingenuity. In this effort, educators must still deliver the core standards that standardized tests are famous for assessing. At the same time their lessons must focus on high level twenty-first century skills  utilizing technology inherent and embraced by today’s digital generation.

I know you will enjoy Tom Chapin’s Site and Video as you reflect on your role in education. Watch it several times. I guarantee you will find both questions to ponder and answers to resolve. As you do, you will gain a new insight, one that I guarantee  is Not On The Test.

Thinking’s important. It’s good to know how.
And someday you’ll learn to, but someday’s not now.
Go on to sleep, now. You need your rest.
Don’t think about thinking. It’s not on the test

John Forster & Tom Chapin

Link Below

Not On The Test
Sung by Tom Chapin
Written by John Forster & Tom Chapin
© 2008 Limousine Music Co. & The Last Music Co. (ASCAP)
Not on the Test video: Directed by Yuichi Hibi
Edited by Timothy Gregoire
Art Direction: Marie Christine Katz
Production Coordinator: Mary Croke


Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 License. – J Barrett

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